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What do I do if my claim is denied? | The Bainbridge Firm, LLC


Your claim may have been denied because you are missing a small piece of required information or medical support for your request. Or your claim may be denied because a legal question exists as to whether or not you are entitled to participate in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fund for your injury. Either way, you may find yourself needing help to navigate the Ohio BWC system, hearings, and any potential appeals.

If your claim has been denied, your first step may be to consult with an attorney who practices in workers’ compensations law in Ohio.

If your claim was denied administratively, it is very important that you and your attorney move quickly to appeal the denial, as there is a time limit on submitting an appeal. Your appeal should include your claim number, your name, the reason for the appeal, and the date of the order you are appealing. If you appeal, but your claim remains denied, you may have one more option available to you.

Your final step will include appealing your claim into the court of common pleas within the county in which you were injured. It may be even more prudent to have an attorney with you at this point. This final appeal may be reviewed by the judge or you may request a jury trial. Remember, you will need a medical expert to support any medical conditions you are attempting to add to your claim.

Should you find yourself navigating these systems alone, do not feel like you have no help available. The Bainbridge Firm has been practicing workers’ compensation law for more than 50 years. We have offices around the state and are available to help you throughout Ohio. Contact an attornery you can trust to fight for your medical treatment and compensation!

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