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Is My Insurance Supposed to Pay for Workplace Injuries?


In order for medical treatment to be considered under a workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker must first have an allowed claim that encompasses the conditions that treatment is being geared towards. This becomes important when providers are requesting treatment for injured workers. There are situations where a person may choose to have the treatment that is necessary prior to a claim being approved. During this time, medical bills may be submitted to your insurance company. Once your claim is allowed the process of determining what should have been paid as part of your claim can become all consuming.

A couple of things to keep in mind

If your insurance company reaches out to you to determine whether an injury was work related, you should always be up front. If there has not been a final determination about whether your claim will be allowed you should let them know just that. If you know that your claim has been allowed but are worried that the insurance company will come back on you for reimbursement, don’t worry! It is important that you notify your insurance company who is in charge of paying bills associated with your claim (this will depend on whether your employer is state-funded or self-insured). The two parties will sort out who should have properly paid the bill and if you paid any money out-of-pocket, you will likely be reimbursed.

Medical bills can quickly become out-of-control. If you have questions regarding who to contact about medical bill please give us a call so we can help you!

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