In Ohio, the type of compensation you receive depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. While recuperating from your injuries, temporary total disability benefits are available to make up for lost wages.

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Securing Temporary Wage Replacement

If you have been forced off the job while treating your injuries, you are entitled to temporary total disability (TTD).

TTD pays injured workers a portion of their lost wages when injuries take him or her out of the workforce entirely for a limited period of time. The amount of TTD paid is determined by a calculation based on your average weekly wage (AWW) and full weekly wage (FWW). Once calculated, TTD is typically paid every 14 days.

Because this compensation is temporary, your employer or the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) can attempt to terminate your benefits if they believe you have reached your "maximum medical improvement" (MMI).

MMI occurs when a physician concludes your injuries have improved as much as can be expected and further improvement is unlikely. Employers and the BWC often claim an employee has reached his or her MMI when further improvement is still possible.

Our attorneys make sure clients get TTD and medical benefits for as long as it takes to recover from their injuries. We have a wide network of physicians and other medical professionals who examine and contest claims that MMI has been reached.

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