Store workers may be eligible for compensation following attack

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Feb 21, 2012 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Shoplifters at a grocery store allegedly injured four store employees in a violent attack earlier this month. According to news reports, the two women allegedly kicked and bit employees who tried to stop them from leaving the store with stolen merchandise. The shoplifters even attacked police when they arrived on the scene.

All four injured employees were taken to a hospital to be treated for their injuries: one employee suffered a bite on the arm; another employee had rib pain; and a third had leg and face pain. The injuries that the fourth person sustained were not detailed in news reports.

The incident took place in an Iowa grocery store, but unfortunately, something like this could happen here in Ohio.

Workers’ compensation usually covers hospital bills of employees who are injured on the job. While it is not clear whether the injuries in the grocery store incident were severe, the workers may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their medical bills and for lost wages, if they miss work due to their injuries.

Even though the injuries were allegedly inflicted by an attack, a type of confrontation not normally associated with working in a grocery store, the harm seemed to take place within the course of employment. In unusual situations like this, it is often helpful to work with a workers’ compensation attorney in order to secure benefits.

Sometimes, it is difficult for an employee to determine whether he or she might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Every situation is different, and the laws are different from state to state, which is why it helps to have the guidance of a professional.

Source: KCCI-8, “4 Workers Hurt In Grocery Store Fight,” Feb. 6, 2012

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