Industrial explosion injures two Ohio workers

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Jun 18, 2012 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Serious or life-threatening job-related injuries can result due to industrial, chemical plant, and other workplace explosions. These workplace environments have inherent dangers that can result in dangerous explosions. If large industrial machinery is not properly maintained or other safety violations are present, such explosions can occur. But even when all safety precautions are followed, there may sometimes be a risk that these workplace accidents can happen.

Earlier this month, two workers suffered burns to their bodies while working on a furnace at the Ohio Metallurgical Service. The two workers were working in an industrial plant located in Elyria, Ohio, at the time of the incident. Apparently, a gas build-up in the furnace ignited, and the workers were then burned. The two men were flown to a hospital to be treated for their injuries, which were reported in the medias first and second degree burns, although the full extent of their injuries was not reported.

Sometimes, accidents like these result in lung injuries caused by chemicals and smoke that might be present in such an environment.

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys ensure that workers like these are provided compensation for medical care and treatment until they are able to return to work. Workers injured on the job who are unable to return to work can file a claim for compensation to maintain their standard of living. Temporary total disability benefits are calculated from a previous history of income and arranged on a temporary basis.

If someone should suffer injuries which leave them with a permanent disability as a result of this kind of an accident, it is very important for these workers to know their rights under workers’ compensation law and all of the benefits that they may be eligible to receive.

Although these benefits should be granted swiftly and easily, the Ohio Workers’ Compensation system is extremely complex and can be very tricky to navigate. It is extremely important for all those who suffer workplace accidents to be fully informed or their rights and benefits under the law a quickly as possible following any workplace injury.

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