Ohio worker dies in industrial accident at GM plant

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Jul 09, 2012 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Tragedy struck a General Motors plant in Parma, Ohio, when a worker became trapped in between two machines last month. The worker was taken to a hospital but he passed away shortly after arrival.

Catastrophic workplace accidents such as this can occur if large industrial machinery, like the type found in auto manufacturing plants, is not properly maintained or if safety violations are present in the plant. If proper precautions in are not enforced by management, tragic injuries can often result from an industrial accident.

A formal investigation of this accident is currently being conducted jointly by the United Auto Workers and General Motors. OSHA will also likely conduct an independent investigation into the incident. Monetary fines and other penalties may be levied against GM if it is found to be in violation of safety standards in the workplace, but this is separate from the workers’ compensation benefits to which the victim’s family members may be entitled.

Because the worker died, his surviving family members may be entitled to death benefits through the Ohio workers’ compensation system. His funeral expenses may also be covered through the workers’ compensation system.

Those who survive industrial accidents are also entitled to seek compensation for medical treatment through the Ohio workers’ compensation system. If they are unable to continue working due to their injuries, they are entitled to file a claim for compensation for their loss of wages in order to maintain their standard of living. Temporary total disability benefits are calculated form a previous history of income and are paid out during the period that the worker is unable to work.

Additionally, if someone should suffer a permanent disability or impairment due to an industrial accident, they should make sure they are fully informed of their rights and the workers’ compensation benefits they may be entitled to.

Source: onntv.com, “GM Worker Trapped Between Machines Dies,” June 27, 2012

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