Ohio man injured in accidental shooting at gun show

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Jan 24, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

For many people, the term “workers’ compensation” brings to mind occupations that can be inherently dangerous, such as construction work or industrial manufacturing. But workplace accidents that can give rise to a worker’s compensation claim can happen in any industry.

Recently, an Ohio man was accidentally shot through the arm and thigh by his colleague while attending a gun show. The colleague purchased the gun at the show and accidentally fired it. The injured man was treated at local hospital; his injuries were not life threatening. The gun show maintains a policy of searching all guns to ensure that they are not loaded. At this time, authorities are tracking down the gun seller.

Workers’ compensation varies by state, but it generally provides for benefits to workers who have experience job-related injuries or disabilities. The two primary factors determine whether workers’ compensation is available are whether the injured person is an employee and whether the injury happened as a result of that employment.

The range of injuries covered by workers’ comp is wide, and benefits generally include compensation for medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability, lost wages and the cost of retraining or therapy. In some cases, workers who are injured while performing their duties while off of the workplace are covered as well, as long as the injury arose out of and occurred within the scope of employment. Situations that may be covered include when the worker is traveling for work or attending work-related social events.

While filing a workers’ compensation claim may not relieve a worker of the pain and distress caused by the injury itself, it can help alleviate the financial hardship that an injury can bring.

Source: KTLA.com, “Five Injured After Weapons Discharge at Gun Shows,” Jan. 20, 2013

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