Ohio worker dies in tragic workplace accident

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Feb 07, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Tragedy can strike in any workplace environment. However, there are preventable tragedies that sadly still occur in many industries. Recently, OSHA cited an Ohio roofing company after one of its workers died following a heat stroke in a workplace accident in Miamisburg that may have been prevented had the worker been trained to recognize the symptoms and warning signs that can accompany this type of illness.

Roofers are subjected to many hazards when performing their jobs. First, they are prone to suffer falls that can cause serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries. As this case illustrates, they are also subjected to extreme weather conditions, particularly heat, as most of their work is performed in warm weather under direct sunlight. Their employers must be held responsible for providing a safe workplace environment by ensuring that their workers ingest large amounts of water and take multiple breaks in the shade.

Fortunately, in the state of Ohio, if a worker is injured while on the job, regardless of fault, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits will provide reimbursement for medical expenses, continued medical treatment and compensation benefits while the individual is unable to work. Additional benefits may also be available if the individual is left with a permanent impairment or disability.

Any dependent family members of the victim of this tragic workplace accident may be entitled to receive dependent death benefits under the Ohio workers’ compensation law. These benefits provide monetary compensation as well as reimbursement for medical, funeral and burial expenses. Due to the complex nature of workers’ compensation law in Ohio, getting the right information on how to proceed can be essential in order to obtain the best possible result in these cases.

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