Ohio nurse ordered to pay back workers’ compensation benefits

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Mar 25, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Ohio readers may be interested to learn that an Ohio woman was recently convicted of improperly collecting workers’ compensation benefits in the state of Ohio. Although instances such as this one are very rare, it is important for anyone who is receiving benefits through the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation to understand the rules regarding the collection of those benefits.

In this case, the worker apparently worked for a Columbus company as an in-home healthcare provider while she was receiving temporary total benefits following an injury on the job. As these benefits are provided to workers who cannot work due to an injury, it is not permissible for an injured worker to work and receive temporary total disability benefits at the same time.

The woman was ordered to pay restitution for the amount of benefits that she received while she was working. She already has paid back over $11,000.00 that she received in the form of these benefits. She also was ordered to serve six months in jail, but that time was suspended on the condition that she complete one year of community control.

It is important that anyone who abuses the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation system be prosecuted as was the case in this instance. Ohio worker’s compensation benefits are a crucial safety net for anyone who is injured while working. It is possible to collect monetary benefits to compensate for lost wages following an injury while on the job, whether one was at fault or not. The system also provides for reimbursement of medical expenses and access to medical treatment for all injuries or illnesses caused by one’s employment. If someone is left with a permanent disability or impairment due to an injury on the job, they are entitled to seek additional benefits as well.

Source: Claims Journal, “Ohio Nurse Sentenced for Workers’ Comp Fraud“, March 21, 2013

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