Energy worker suffers burn injuries after stepping in hot water

by Kara Dolan-West | Jun 27, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Many of us work in positions that require us to travel or to perform our tasks in various locations. Electricians, plumbers, inspectors and truck drivers all have jobs that require them to go from place to place. Though many of these places are entirely safe, some pose risks to workers. When an accident happens and a worker suffers injuries, the worker may need compensation to reach a full recovery.

An example of such a situation can be seen in a recent incident that left an energy worker seriously injured. The worker was dispatched to fix a steam leak that had blown off a manhole cover. When the man eased down the ladder to get to the leak, he stepped in scalding hot water. He was taken to the hospital with burns below his knee.

One who suffers from workplace injuries may pay a heavy emotional toll. The pain and stress of physical rehabilitation, coupled with the financial strain caused by mounting medical bills, can leave the injured worker depressed and feeling as if the worker will never be up and around again. Disability benefits and workers’ compensation should be made available to the worker through an employer’s insurance but many times these claims are vigorously challenged.

When an employer or an employer’s insurance refuses to pay workers’ compensation or other benefits owed to an employee, the injured worker can sometimes seek an attorney to help the worker fight for the needed benefits. An attorney can help the victim develop a strategy to prove the injury arose out of the employment, was accidental in nature and the accident cause the victim’s injuries. Then, the worker may receive compensation the worker needs and deserves to put the worker’s mind at ease and reach the fullest recovery possible.

Workplace accidents happen all the time. It is for this reason employers are required to carry insurance so that their employees, when injured, can have their medical expenses and a portion of their wages covered. An injured worker should not be bullied into accepting a denial benefits.

Source: WISHTV 8, “Citizens worker injured in steam leak,” June 19, 2013

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