Injured workers have more than workers comp to consider

by Kara Dolan-West | Jun 06, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

A person who is injured at their place of employment is typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Although the laws vary from state to state, in most states workers’ compensation laws require employers to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance to assist employees with medical care and lost wages. Workers who sustain workplace injuries may also be entitled to social security disability benefits.

An Ohio worker who suffers a disability due to a workplace accident should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately. In the case of workers’ comp and SSDI it is imperative that applications for benefits be done quickly and accurately. In the case of SSDI, it can take months for workers to gather all of the necessary paperwork to fill out the application and just as long for agents to process the application.

One of the unfortunate truths about SSDI is that many applicants are initially denied. The reason for this is supplemental security and disability insurance are reserved for workers with the most severe conditions, and therefore a strict legal standard for approval is applied. The base standard for both is an inability to engage in substantially gainful activity due to one or more impairments expected to last a year or more.

While an initial denial is not ideal, it does not mean that approval is not possible. For many attorneys who practice in the areas of workers’ compensation and social security disability appeals are almost expected. The key is to be prepared for all possible scenarios, having the proper documentation, and working with an experienced workers compensation attorney who understands the system and knows what to expect.

Source: Redwood Times, “Can’t work due to a disability? Maybe Social Security can help?” Sarah Prevost, June 04, 2013

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