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July 2013 Archives

Franklin paper factory accident ends in tragedy

Ohio residents expect their workplaces to be safe. The state and the federal government have mandated certain safety precautions to ensure workplace safety, but, unfortunately, these regulations are not always followed. When companies stray from them, serious workplace accidents can occur that leave workers injured or dead. One such tragic incident occurred recently in Franklin, Ohio.

Ohio construction worker killed when hit by dump truck

Construction workers play a vital role in our society. These men and women build our roads, homes, and businesses with speed and care. In addition, many times these individuals work in conditions that place them at risk of harm. Construction workers perform their tasks near speeding cars, on shaking structures, and in extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions sometimes lead to workplace accidents that can seriously injure workers. One recent incident in Columbus shows how tragic these accidents can be for workers.

Survey shows which states have the most injured workers

A new study conducted by Allsup ranks states according to how many workers per one hundred workers are injured on the job. The study was based on data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and found that each year more than one million workers suffer from workplace injuries that require them to miss at least one day of work. The study also found that those working in amusement parks and arcades are most likely to be seriously injured, followed by those working in animal slaughtering and processing, with 3.2 and 3.1 injuries per 100 workers, respectively.

Oxygen tank explodes, injuring two workers

Accidents happen in the workplace all the time. Sometimes they are caused by other negligent employees and sometimes they are caused by an unfortunate set of circumstances that were unforeseeable. Because of this risk of injury, employers carry insurance so that if their employees are injured on the job they will be taken care of appropriately. Two injured workers will be happy to have such coverage.

Construction site accident leaves four workers injured

Construction sites can be very dangerous when a mistake is made or a safety violation occurs. The heavy equipment, large materials and, sometimes, the height at which the work is taking place, can all pose serious risks to workers. When a construction site accident happens, a worker can end up with severe injuries. Unfortunately, one of these instances happened recently at a major university, and helps show Ohioans what their rights are when they are injured on the job.

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