Franklin paper factory accident ends in tragedy

by Andrew Bainbridge | Jul 31, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Ohio residents expect their workplaces to be safe. The state and the federal government have mandated certain safety precautions to ensure workplace safety, but, unfortunately, these regulations are not always followed. When companies stray from them, serious workplace accidents can occur that leave workers injured or dead. One such tragic incident occurred recently in Franklin, Ohio.

There, an experienced worker was killed when a rotating drum at a paper company crushed him. According to reports, the deceased’s job was to operate a bobcat to scoop out pulp from the rotating drums. Somehow, the worker ended up caught under one of the drums. The Coroner’s investigator said there has to be a reason that something went so horribly wrong since the worker was experienced. He also suggested, however, that it could have been just a terrible accident.

While this is a tragic case that will leave the victim’s surviving family forever changed, it is important that Ohioans recognize that accidents like this happen every day. Though many of the workers are fortunate enough to survive their ordeal, they may still be left with a difficult physical recovery brought on by physical impairment or disfigurement. Getting life back to normal may be expensive as medical bills can pile up and the injured may suffer loss of wages due to an inability to work.

Employers carry insurance to take care of their workers who fall into these situations, but many times a workers’ compensation claim is denied. When this happens, a worker should seek legal advice from an attorney who will fight for the worker’s rights.

If an attorney can help the injured worker show his injuries were sustained by an accident that happened within the scope of employment, then compensation may be obtained. Medical benefits may then be paid off and lost wages may be regained. Then, the victim can focus on reaching as full of a recovery as possible.

Though the recent Franklin incident resulted in death, such accidents do not have to go so far for a worker to claim what is rightfully his. An experienced Ohio attorney can help ensure that those rights are protected.

Source: WHIO TV, “Man killed in Franklin paper company accident identified,” Jul. 24, 2013

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