Ohio construction worker killed when hit by dump truck

by Andrew Bainbridge | Jul 25, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Construction workers play a vital role in our society. These men and women build our roads, homes, and businesses with speed and care. In addition, many times these individuals work in conditions that place them at risk of harm. Construction workers perform their tasks near speeding cars, on shaking structures, and in extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions sometimes lead to workplace accidents that can seriously injure workers. One recent incident in Columbus shows how tragic these accidents can be for workers.

In that case, a construction worker was killed when a dump truck backed over him. According to reports, the 30-year ODOT employee was behind a concrete barrier when the dump truck, loaded with concrete, backed up and struck the worker. The accident is still under investigation.

While this accident shows a workplace accident’s worst case scenario and the family may have a wrongful death claim, thousands of non-fatal workplace accidents occur each year that go unreported in the news. These individuals, who in many cases are certainly lucky to be alive, may face physical impairment. Such debilitating injuries can leave the construction site accident victim unable to work, which can leave him and his family in a tough financial situation.

Fortunately, a workers’ compensation claim can be made to the employer’s insurance in an attempt to obtain much needed benefits. Unfortunately, however, these claims are often denied. An injured worker should then seek out an experienced Ohio attorney who will fight for the compensation he deserves.

To succeed on a workers’ compensation claim, a worker must prove the incident was an accident that occurred within the scope of employment. A competent attorney can help the worker gather the necessary facts to prove these elements and help ensure the case is successful. If the claim succeeds, then the victim may use his compensation for medical expenses, future medical care, and to cover lost wages. Though some construction workers are wrongly stripped from their families and their families should be compensated for their loss and the deceased should not be forgotten, those workers who survive should not be forgotten either, and should be taken care of when injured.

Source: The Times-Reporter, “Dennison man killed in I-270 construction accident, ” Jul. 18, 2013

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