Accident at gas pipeline construction site kills worker

by Andrew Bainbridge | Sep 03, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

To protect workers, employers must implement safety regulations and properly monitor work on an ongoing process. A failure to do any of these may result in serious workplace accidents that cause severe, debilitating injuries or death. Sadly, one of these instances occurred recently in Ohio.

A man working at a gas pipeline construction site was killed when he suffered a head injury. Reports indicate the man was driving a pipe loader on a hill when, as he thought the loader was sliding into a ditch, the man attempted to jump from the vehicle. Unfortunately, the man’s foot got caught in the vehicle’s track, causing him to fall backward and hit his head. This man’s family must now cope with the tragic, unexpected loss of a loved one.

Death at the workplace obviously leaves families devastated. Not only do families have emotional pain to deal with, but they must also find a way to pay for medical expenses, funeral costs, and to cover lost wages. While this is a tragic case, it is important to not forget those who are injured on the job. Those who are injured face similar costs as those who lose a loved one in an accident. While a surviving family of one killed in an accident may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer, those who are injured may elect to seek workers’ compensation.

Sometimes a workers’ compensation claim is denied. A worker whose claim is denied may face financial hardship and may be unable to afford the medical care he needs to reach a full recovery. When a denial renders life difficult, an injured worker should seek legal help.

A workers’ compensation attorney can play a vital role in helping a worker obtain the compensation he needs. After discussing the legal process and developing a plan, the attorney can aid the worker in proving the injuries suffered were the results of a workplace accident. Then, the worker may obtain awards which he can use to cover medical care and lost wages.

A tragic workplace death is undoubtedly disheartening. While these workers should be grieved and their families should be compensated, provided the death was the result of negligence, Ohioans should not forget the thousands of workers who are injured each year. They, too, must be remembered and compensated for the harm that was done to them.

Source: Canton Repository, “Man dies at gas pipeline construction site,” Aug. 30, 2013

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