Impaired driver hits, seriously injures OH construction worker

by Andrew Bainbridge | Sep 10, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

The law regulates speed limits in construction zones and posted signs make motorists aware of oncoming risks, both for their own and construction workers’ safety. Unfortunately, drivers often ignore the laws and these signs, thus putting construction workers at serious risk of harm. These workers, who put their lives in danger every day, can suffer serious physical impairment, permanent disability, or death when struck by a car.

An Ohio construction worker is now facing a long recovery after he was struck by a car on the Interstate. Reports indicate the victim was an employee of a cable company and was hit while directing traffic. He was airlifted to the hospital with injuries to his head and legs. His condition is not known at this time. The errant driver was arrested for aggravated vehicular assault. Police claim the driver of that car was impaired at the time of the accident and was driving without a driver’s license.

Recovering from workplace accidents can be a challenge. The victim may have physical pain to overcome, emotional turmoil, and unexpected financial burdens. Making matters worse, the victim may be unable to work, which may contribute to his emotional pain and financial stressors. Fortunately, these workers should be taken care of by their employers and their employer’s insurance.

However, sometimes a workers’ compensation claim is denied. When this happens the worker faces financial hardship. To protect himself, the victim should consider consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney. A competent attorney may be able to help the victim develop a legal argument that will force the employer and its insurance provider to pay for the harm that was caused to the victim while within his scope of employment. Then, accrued medical expenses may be paid off, future medical care may be compensated for, and lost wages may be recovered.

Construction workers put their lives on the line for their employers. When they are injured on the job, the least the employer and his insurance provider can do is take care of that employee who risked it all. An attorney will aggressively fight to help make sure they do.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland, “Pretrial Set After Construction Worker Hit,” Jessica Dabrowski, Sep. 6, 2013

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