BWC awards nine grants for safety intervention

by Andrew Bainbridge | Oct 03, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administration has announced nine grants that were awarded to employers to reduce illness and injuries in the workplace. The Bureau has agreed to a $3 match for every $1 an employer contributes to the safety intervention programs in an effort to increase worker safety and reduce workers’ compensation expenses. The grants are to be used to purchase several pieces of equipment meant to prevent injuries such as those attributed to repetitive motion, awkward posture, and slips and falls.

These grants are an important step toward keeping Ohio’s workers safe. Yet, while new equipment may help prevent future job-related accidents, these grants do nothing to help those who have already been injured in the workplace. This is where workers’ compensation should step in to help. But while employers and their insurance often pay on a workers’ compensation claim, many times the accident is wrongly cast in a light that makes the claim deniable. When this happens, the injured worker should seek help from an attorney.

By obtaining an attorney, the injured worker ensures that his best legal argument for compensation is put forth. The attorney may interview witnesses, gather evidence, and challenge the insurance and employer’s claims in an effort to prove the event occurred within the scope of employment. Also, the attorney will argue to show the incident was truly an accident not caused by the employee’s own negligence.

Being injured on the job can lead to a difficult physical, emotional, and financial time. Pain may make life miserable, being unable to work may make one feel useless, and medical expenses and lost wages can leave household finances in trouble. An attorney will fight to help make sure employers do their part to take care of their employees. If successful, then the injured worker may obtain compensation for medical benefits, loss of wages, and future earning capacity.

Source: Claims Journal, “Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Comp Awards More Than $258,000 to Support Workplace Safety,” Sep. 27, 2013

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