Crane boom falls, injures construction worker’s leg

by Andrew Bainbridge | Oct 09, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Large machinery, heavy materials, dangerous heights, and fast-paced work environments are some of the dangers construction workers face on a daily basis. But these brave employees confront these risks head-on in order to build the structures our society needs and desires. They may feel safe, seemingly protected by safety regulations and company policies, but the truth of the matter tells different. Workplace accidents happen all the time and can strike when a worker least suspects it.

One construction worker is well aware of the dangers of his work after being injured on the job. The man, who was part of a crew assisting in building a new bridge at a university, suffered a leg injury after part of a crane boom fell several feet from a truck bed. The crane was being disassembled when the accident occurred, and the crane part struck the man on the lower right leg. Police say the worker may have sustained a broken leg.

A workplace injury can leave an individual not only with physical impairment, but also with emotional difficulties tied to an inability to do daily tasks and financial hardship because of lost wages. A workers’ compensation claim might help alleviate some of the harm caused by the accident, but sometimes injured workers find their claims denied and with seemingly nowhere to turn.

Luckily, these workers can turn to an attorney for assistance in recuperating their losses. By challenging the workers’ compensation denial, the attorney will seek to obtain medical expenses and lost wages for his client. Then, if successful, the victim can focus on obtaining the medical care he needs to get back on his feet and working again without worrying about how he will meet his financial obligations.

To attempt to reach this goal the attorney will seek to prove the worker was injured by an accident that occurred within his scope of employment. This may require detailed examination of the situation, witnesses, and documents, but that hard work is worth it to see a brave worker being taken care of in the way he is supposed to be cared for by his employer.

Source: The Grand Forks Herald, “Worker injured in crane accident at UND,” Stephen J. Lee, Oct. 4, 2013

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