Accident at Tesla plant burns three workers

by Andrew Bainbridge | Nov 20, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

There are many factories in Ohio. Those employed at these plants may know the dangers posed by the heavy machinery and extreme temperatures with which they work. However, as time passes and accidents do not occur, some employers may be lulled to sleep when it comes to enforcing safety regulations and checking the safety of equipment. When this happens, workers are put at risk of being seriously injured.

One such workplace accident occurred recently at a Tesla Motors factory in California, and similar incidents could happen in Ohio. There, a low pressure aluminum casting press failed, resulting in three workers being burned. Officials state the injuries are moderate to severe in nature. A Fire Captain on the scene said there are many ways these accidents can happen at a manufacturing plant, and they sometimes involve water and power.

An industrial accident like this can cause serious harm to a worker. He may be left with physical impairment or disfigurement as well as costly medical bills and an inability to work. Taken together, these harms can leave a worker stressed, depressed, and wondering how he is going to pay his bills.

Fortunately, these injured workers can file a workers’ compensation claim. If the claim is accepted, then the worker may receive compensation for medical expenses and loss of wages. Sometimes, though, these claims are denied. When this happens, the injured worker should seek an attorney to help him assess his situation and whether challenging the denial is in his best interest.

If the decision is made to move ahead with a challenge, then the attorney will gather all the evidence necessary to put forth the best case possible. He or she may pore over accident reports and witness statements in hopes of getting the denial overturned. Then, he or she may argue the extent of the injuries, thus seeking the maximum compensation for the injured worker. If the worker wins the challenge, then he may be able to obtain the medical benefits he needs to reach a full recovery and the compensation he needs to pay his bills until he can return to work.

Source: ABC News, “‘Industrial Accident’ at Tesla Motors Plant Injures Three,” Susanna Kim, Nov. 13, 2013

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