Three railroad employees injured in Ohio

by Kara Dolan-West | Nov 06, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Three CSX employees were recently injured on the job in Ohio. Reports indicate the men were working on a railroad crossing when a car drove around two sets of barricades, hit a utility pole, then slammed into them. All three men were injured and were taken to the hospital. While the accident remains under investigation, these workers may have to deal with extreme pain and they might be unable to return to work for a considerable length of time.

Workplace accidents like this are all too common in Ohio, and they can drastically change an individual’s life. Not only is the victim at risk of physical impairment or disfigurement, but he might also be left with life-long pain. Additionally, a victim may be unable to work, which, in turn, may make it difficult to pay his monthly bills and expenses related to medical care.

Workers’ compensation and disability benefits should compensate these injured workers so they can reach a full recovery and return to the job. However, as many know, dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. These providers often try to find a way to deny a claim, thus leaving an injured worker hanging out to dry. If an injured worker’s benefits are denied, he should consider reaching out to an attorney to weigh his legal options.

To obtain workers’ compensation and to succeed on a challenge of a claim denial, an individual injured on the job must show several elements. Amongst these is the injury was suffered in the course of and arising out of employment. In an incident where a construction worker is struck by a car, an attorney will persuasively fight to in an attempt to show the injuries suffered satisfy that requirement. There are also time requirements when filing a workers’ compensation claim and an injured worker should be aware that his claim is timely filed.

Job-related accidents can blindside a worker at any moment. When one strikes and the worker is injured, he should seek the medical benefits and wages he deserves. If the accident results in death, his family may be able to seek dependent death benefits. No matter the situation, a worker should consider finding an attorney who will ensure his rights are upheld and that he will have the best chance of success possible.

Source: The Review Times, “3 hurt in CSX incident,” Oct. 29, 2013

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