Ohio plant fined for violations that put workers at risk

by Andrew Bainbridge | Dec 31, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Another Ohio workplace has been hit with fines by OSHA. The Reliable Castings Corp. manufacturing facility in Sidney, Ohio was found to have 14 safety and health violations that threatened to injure workers. Amongst the company’s violations include failing to install guardrails near floor openings and ovens, failing to require employees to use hard hats and face shields, failing to prevent employee exposure to potential splashing molten aluminum, and failing to ensure an electrical area was protected from water. These violations led to more than $293,000 in fines, but more importantly, placed workers at extreme risk of harm.

Ohio’s workers deserve safe working conditions. When an unsafe environment or improper training causes a workplace accident, these workers can be left in a tough place. The hurt worker may need hospitalization and extensive medical care to heal from his or her physical injury. At a time when medical bills may be piling up, the worker may be unable to work and therefore unable to obtain a wage. These issues, combined with everyday bills that need to be paid, can become overwhelming.

An injured worker who finds himself in this situation may wish to file a workers’ compensation claim in an effort to recover his losses. A claim, if successful, may lead to the recovery of medical expenses and loss of wages. An attorney can be helpful in explaining and progressing through this process, especially if the claim is denied.

A denied workers’ compensation claim may mean the injured worker is unable to obtain the medical benefits he needs and deserves. An experienced attorney will do his or her best to establish the scope of the worker’s employment and the timing of the accident. Additionally, an attorney will seek to show the extent of the worker’s injuries in order to maximize the potential compensation recovery.

Source: The Norwalk Reflector, “OSHA hits company with $293,700 in fines,” Dec. 27, 2013

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