OSHA fines Columbus facility for mishap that pinned worker’s head

by Andrew Bainbridge | Dec 26, 2013 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Many times when people think of job-related accidents they think about an employer’s inability to keep the workplace safe. They may think of faulty equipment and an employer’s failure to provide proper safety equipment to employees. While these mistakes very well may be violations that entitle an injured individual to workers’ compensation and lead to the employer being forced to pay a fine, they are not the only employer failures that can lead to an unsafe work environment.

As evidenced by a recent fine doled out by OSHA to Pinnacle Metal Products, based in Columbus, a failure to properly train an employee how to use equipment can cause serious injuries. In that instance, a worker was left blind in one eye and lost 50 percent of his vision in the other eye, after his head was pinned between a scissors lift guardrail and a ceiling beam. It appears the worker was on a scissors lift painting ceiling beams when the accident occurred, but he was not trained to operate the lift. OSHA fined the company more than $90,000 for violations relating to the accident.

Recovering from a workplace injury can take time, pain and financial sacrifice. These costs, physical, emotional, and financial, can take their toll on a worker, leading to excessive stress. He or she may be left wondering how medical expenses will be paid in addition to everyday bills when he or she is unable to work.

If the injury occurred while the individual was working within his scope of employment, then workers’ compensation may be recovered. An Ohio attorney can provide help throughout the process, which can be difficult and confusing, especially if the claim is initially denied. The attorney will do his or her best to maximize the worker’s recovery so that, hopefully, loss of wages, loss of future earning capacity and medical expenses will be covered.

Ohio’s workers are the lifeblood of the companies that employ them. When these workers are injured, they should be taken care of in an appropriate fashion. An attorney can join the fight to ensure this goal becomes reality.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Worker’s Head Injury Leads to $90K Fine for Ohio Manufacturer,” Dec. 18, 2013

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