More police supervision for construction zone in Ohio

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Jan 17, 2014 | Workplace Accidents and Injuries

While the following story is a few weeks old, it serves as an important reminder to the many people who are placed in risky situations everyday when they work on a construction site.

Around Christmas, a section of Interstate 90 that was under construction received additional police enforcement from the Ohio State Highway Patrol to watch out for negligent drivers or general accidents. With all of the snow and ice that the Midwest and the East has endured this winter, this area is susceptible to low shoulders and, thus, drifting drivers may careen off the road or into the construction zone.

While there is certainly a personal injury angle to this story, it also serves as an important reminder about workers’ compensation and the dangers of construction sites for the workers. The people who work at the I-90 construction zone will be near traffic (that is travelling on slick, icy roads in the winter), and if an accident were to occur or if a driver made a poor decision, it could be the construction workers that suffer the most.

Remove the car and the highway scene from this construction site, and this still holds true. Construction sites are simply dangerous places where a piece of falling equipment or a faulty or improperly operated machine could seriously, catastrophically or fatally injure a worker. When these injuries happen, the worker needs help so that he or she (and his or her family) can keep living their lives. Workers’ compensation fills this void, and even though many claims are denied, you can appeal the decision and hopefully earn a successful outcome.

Source: Newsnet5, “OSHP monitoring construction zone along I-90 east by Vrooman Road,” Stephanie Ramirez, Dec. 28, 2013

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