Can I Still Receive Benefits If I Am an Alien, Non-Resident, or Minor?

by Kara Dolan-West | May 05, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

An injured worker may receive benefits even if he or she is an alien, non-resident, or minor. The definition of “employee” under Ohio Revised Code § 4123.01(A)(1)(b) expressly includes aliens. This aids in ensuring there is no distinction between workers on the basis of alienage or citizenship. Even if an alien is subject to deportation, he or she may still be an employee under Ohio law. In addition, the law also extends coverage to all employees performing work in Ohio, regardless of whether or not that worker is a resident of Ohio. This means that if you are a resident of Indiana, but you cross over to Ohio for work with your employer, then you may be covered by the Ohio Workers’ Compensation System.

If you have been injured on the job, but are worried about your residential status, please contact The Bainbridge Firm for assistance.

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