Ohio woman killed in skydiving workplace accident

by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC | Jun 12, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Failure to provide adequate safety gear or education can contribute to significant safety hazards, which in turn may place employees at risk of suffering serious illnesses or injuries. The victims of workplace accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for their medical expenses and lost wages regardless of the cause of the accident. The families of the victims of fatal accidents may also be able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

Recently an Ohio woman sustained fatal injuries at work when she walked into and was struck in the head by a spinning airplane propeller. The employee had been working for three years at the location, which is a skydiving school.

According to the business owner that employed the accident victim, this was the first time the business has seen such a workplace accident. The owner claimed that it can be difficult to see spinning propeller blades, according to a newspaper report.

Witnesses at the scene claim that the employee, an office manager, had just gone out to the plane tarmac to ask a pilot about whether he wanted any food when she came into contact with the spinning propeller blades of another plane. She was taken to an Ohio hospital where she died days later as a result of her injuries, according to the news report.

The Federal Aviation Administration is set to investigate the issue and determine what happened and whether it was preventable.

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