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August 2014 Archives

A brief overview of trenching safety at construction sites

Construction is a dangerous profession. It's a statement most people would not argue against. But despite the fact that there are state and federal regulations to keep these dangers in check, accidents can still occur.

What About My Medical Bills?

Revised Code § 4123.54 provides that every employee who is injured or who contracts an occupational disease is entitled to receive such medical, nursing, and hospital services as are authorized under Chapter 4123 of the Revised Code. Revised Code § 4123.66 authorizes the Administrator of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to pay such amounts from the State Insurance Fund for such medical services, nursing services, hospital services, and medicine as the Administrator "deems proper." 

Am I Covered by the Ohio Workers' Compensation Fund if I am an Apprentice?

The General Assembly enacted legislation in 1961 in order to extend workers' compensation coverage to apprentices engaged in formal training programs. The coverage was extended beyond apprentices in 1975 to cover persons engaged in pre-apprenticeship training programs, entry-level trainees, and journeyman trainees. 

Am I Eligible for Benefits If I Was Performing A Public Service?

The Ohio Revised Code extends workers' compensation coverage to persons requested or ordered to perform public service in an emergency. The section does not include persons who are volunteers, and application of the code is expressly limited to emergency situations. A duly authorized public official of the state, one of its institutions or agencies, or a political subdivision, can request or order the public service. The statutorily expressed purpose is to encourage participation of all appropriate persons in an emergency. 

Under What Circumstances May A Non-Citizen be Eligible for SSI?

A non-citizen (also called an "alien" for immigration purposes) may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if he or she meets the requirements of the laws for non-citizens that went into effect on August 22, 1996. In general, most non-citizens must meet two requirements to be potentially eligible for SSI:

Injuries at holiday parties may not be covered by workers' comp

As many of our Ohio readers already know, an employee who suffers a work-related injury while on the job is entitled to benefits through workers' compensation. These benefits can help cover the medical costs associated with treating and recovering from an injury and can help mitigate the impact of lost wages as well.

Can I Receive Benefits If I Am an Alien?

The definition of "employee" under R.C § 4123.01 (A)(1)(b) expressly includes aliens, so no colorable distinction between workers exists on the basis of alienage or citizenship. Even when an alien is subject to deportation, he or she is an employee. This means that even if you are an illegal alien, you may still participate in the Ohio Workers' Compensation Fund if you are injured as a result of your employment. 

Non-complying Employers: Do I Still Get Compensated for My Injury?

An employee who works for a non-complying employer may still seek workers' compensation benefits from the Surplus Fund. The fact that a non-complying employer fails to pay into the Workers' Compensation Fund is not justification to deny benefits to an injured worker who is otherwise entilted to benefits. 

Survey shows changes needed to workers' comp system

Anyone who has suffered a work-related injury knows that workers' compensation benefits are incredibly helpful because they provide financial security for those who may need to miss a significant amount of time from their job due to an injury. But a new survey shows that if the industry doesn't work to make changes, access to these benefits may become more difficult down the road.

Can I still work while receiving workers' comp?

The title to this week's blog post is a question often posed by injured workers across the state of Ohio. It makes sense when you consider that not all work-related injuries force a person to miss work or even prevent them from doing other duties at their job. But while this may be the case, it's important to know that the workers' compensation program has strict guidelines when it comes to receiving these benefits and working while collecting them can cause problems.

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