How am I most likely to suffer an injury on the job?

by Andrew Bainbridge | Jan 26, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

As frequent readers of our blog know employers in Ohio are required by law to provide their employees with workers’ compensation benefits that can be used in the event of a work-related injury. On top of this, employers are also required to take the steps necessary to provide a safe working environment free from hazards that could lead to such accidents.

But as our readers are aware, even the most well managed business can have a workplace accident from time to time, which is why employees should be just as aware of what constitutes a danger as their employer. That’s why, in this week’s blog post, we wanted to highlight the top three causes of workplace injuries, which should help us answer this question:

How am I most likely to suffer an injury on the job?

According to an article in the Insurance Journal, the top cause of work-related injuries in the United States is overexertion, which cost the workers’ compensation system nearly $15 billion in 2012 alone. As you may or may not know, overexertion can occur when you lift too much weight, lift a heavy object incorrectly, and/or over extend a twisting, reaching or bending motion.

Falls were the next top cause of injuries, taking both the second- and fourth-place spots on the list. Even a short fall, such as from a ladder or stepping stool, can be dangerous depending on how you fall. Hitting your head upon landing can turn what might have been a minor injury into a serious one that could require more medical attention and more time away from work as well.

Being struck by an object or equipment landed on the list at number three.  As some Columbus residents may remember from a devastating case out of New Jersey, even something as small as a tape measure can lead to serious or even fatal injuries if they fall with enough force and the victim is not wearing the necessary protective equipment.

Also high on the list of causes were: on-the-job motor vehicle accidents, slips or trips that do not result in a fall, being caught in equipment, being compressed by equipment or objects, and repetitive motion injuries.

Just like the top three we stated above, all of these can qualify for workers’ comp benefits if they occurred on the job here in Ohio.

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