Why it’s important for Sub. S.B. 252 to pass Ohio Senate panel

by Andrew Bainbridge | Mar 11, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Did you know that current laws do not afford workers’ compensation benefits to workers who develop psychiatric conditions because of traumatizing events that occur while on the job? It is in the opinion of some of our Franklin County readers that this loophole is harmful to workers who may have suffered an on the job injury but cannot receive compensation because it’s an injury no one can see.

As we explained in a post yesterday though, things could change in our state if the Ohio Senate panel passes a measure designed to give workers who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder access to the benefits they need and deserve. The passage of Sub. S.B. 252, the measure that was proposed by several state legislators, is important because it will give benefits for an injury that can be just as disruptive as a physical injury.

As we pointed out in a September 2014 post regarding an out-of-state case, witnessing a particularly traumatizing event at work may lead to PTSD, which can leave a person distracted or anxious and potentially unable to do their job. This can lead to missed work and lost wages, something that could be covered by workers’ comp benefits if Sub. S.B. 252 is passed.

People with PTSD may seek psychiatric help to overcome the debilitating nature of this condition. If medical care can help with recovery, which is the case with physical injuries as well, shouldn’t such treatment be covered by workers’ comp as well? Some may say yes, which is another reason why Sub. S.B. 252 needs to be passed.

Just because you can’t see a work-related injury doesn’t mean it never happened. The current wording of the law does not account for this though, which is something the current proposal can remedy if ur state legislature decides to give it a chance.

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