Several Richland County Employers Receive Safety Award From BWC

by Andrew Bainbridge | Apr 21, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

As we have said many times before on this blog, providing a safe working environment should be an employer’s top concern. When they start to let their safety standards slip or fail to address their employees’ needs, accidents can happen, which can mean everything from injuries, to illnesses, to death.

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often cited as the driving force in promoting safe working environments, The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ compensation shouldn’t be overlooked. They too, along with our state’s safety councils, are eager to promote safety in the workplace because they too understand how profound of an impact a workplace accident can have on a worker and their family.

As you may know, the BWC does like to award employers who not only promote safe working environments but those that also have gone considerable amounts of time without reporting an injury or illness that resulted in missed work. This month, the BWC awarded 13 employers to our north in Richland County with the BWC’s Special Award for Safety. Recipients of this award have “gone at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury resulting in a day or more away from work.”

Although it’s great to hear that some employers in Ohio are actively trying to keep their workers safe and out of harm’s way, our more regular readers know that not all employers are this vigilant, even though they should be. It’s in instances such as this that our readers are probably grateful that we also have laws in place that can award workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers.

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