Bumble Bee Foods LLC, 2 Others Held Liable For Worker’s Death

by Andrew Bainbridge | May 07, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

On October 11, 2012, the eyes of our entire nation were focused on the state of California where a catastrophic industrial accident claimed the life of a 62-year-old worker at a Bumble Bee Foods LLC plant in Santa Fe Springs. For those of our Ohio readers who may not remember, the man died after becoming trapped in an oven used to sanitize cans of tuna.

The case garnered national attention because it highlighted the crucial need for safety training in the manufacturing industry not just in California but across the United States. This tragedy may have even forced companies and workers here in Ohio to reconsider safety policies within their own workplace and make the necessary changes to avoid a catastrophe like this from happening here in our state.

But even though an on-the-job injury or work-related death can sometimes prompt change in safety standards, so too can tougher action from state law enforcement authorities as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In the case of the deceased Bumble Bee Foods worker, not only is the company being held liable for the worker’s death, so too are two individuals who have been accused of “willfully violating worker safety rules.”

Losing a loved one can be incredibly painful and can leave you wanting justice, especially if you know negligence was a factor in your loved one’s death. Though having law enforcement take legal action against a guilty party can give you some sense of justice, so too can filing a civil claim. A lawyer who understands your right to compensation can help, which is experience we have here at the Bainbridge Firm, LLC.

Source: Workerscompensation.com, “Bumble Bee Foods, Two Others Charged in Death of Employee Trapped Inside Industrial Oven,” April 29, 2015

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