Falling debris is unsafe, wear a helmet at construction sites

by Andrew Bainbridge | Jun 09, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

From heavy machinery to several tons of building materials in some cases, no one needs to remind a construction worker here in Ohio that they have a dangerous job. They know that the danger is all around them, putting them at risk of suffering an on-the-job injury at any moment. They also know that the injury could be so devastating that it could force them out of work for a few months or for good.

It’s because of this constant threat of danger that we have state and federal laws in place that require construction workers to wear protective equipment while on the job. As our more frequent readers know from previous posts, wearing protective equipment can sometimes mean the difference between suffering no injury or just a minor one, and suffering a far worse fate. This is most apparent with head injuries.

As so many construction workers in Columbus know, falling debris is common at sites in the city and across state. While most people assume head injuries only occur when a person is struck by a large object, our readers know that even something as small as a tape measure can cause serious injury depending on the circumstances of the situation. And if a worker isn’t wearing a safety helmet, the severity of injuries can be far worse.

Because head injuries can sometimes present symptoms for the rest of a person’s life, it’s important for you to know that:

  1. You have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits after being involved in a workplace accident
  2. And you can do so with the help of an attorney

Here at Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we understand the long-term effects a head injury can have on a person and the medical needs they might have immediately and down the road. Experience with head injury cases gives us the edge you need to fight for the benefits you deserve. We will also stand by your side if your employer tries to tell you otherwise.

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