I am a minor and was injured at work. Am I covered by Ohio workers’ comp?

by The Brainbridge Firm | Jun 03, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

If you are underage, but working, you are still covered by Ohio workers’ compensation. Revised Code 4123.01(A)(1)(b)  indicates that minor workers receive the full protection of the workers’ compensation laws in Ohio and are considered an “employee” regardless of age.

In addition, under Ohio workers’ compensation law, a minor will enjoy a legal status not generally bestowed upon him or her in other settings. A minor employee can bring a claim or action in his or her own name, and does not need a guardian or parent to act on the minor’s behalf.

However, should the minor be entitled to a lump sum settlement, the minor’s parent or guardian may be required to accept the payment of a settlement on the minor’s behalf, rather than the settlement being paid to the minor directly.

If you are a minor in Ohio who has been injured at work, you may need an attorney to represent you.