Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits For A Psychological Condition?

by Jacob Brandt | Aug 12, 2019 | Hearing Process

Many individual in Ohio are subjected to working in extremely stressful and dangerous work environments. Understandably so, many workers in Ohio will develop psychological conditions as a direct result of the stressors associated with their job. Sadly, under Ohio law an individual who develops a specific psychological mental disorder, as the result of regular stress on the job, is not entitled to workers compensation benefits. Nonetheless many injured workers in Ohio are still able to ultimately receive benefits for psychological conditions so long as those conditions stem from a physical injury suffered on the job.

Obviously, enduring a workplace accident can have a significant effect on an individual’s psyche. Getting hurt, having to go through treatment, and often temporary loss of employment will cause the development of psychological conditions for which they should be compensated. The Ohio Workers’ Compensation system has rules in place that will allow an individual to receive compensation for a psychological condition that develops not as a result of plain work stress but rather the physical injuries they have suffered in a claim.

Ohio courts have determined that a psychological condition is compensable if that condition has “arisen from” a compensable physical injury allowed in the claim. For example, say an injured worker suffers a gruesome injury in which they lost a limb. As a result of that physical injury such a person would have great difficulty adjusting to their new life. As expected, such an individual would have emotional distress and would likely develop a psychological condition.

Under Ohio law that individual would be entitled to compensation for the developed psychological condition because that individual can clearly link their psychological condition to the compensable physical injury that they suffered. If you feel as though you are unjustly being denied workers’ compensation benefits related to a psychological condition that you feel developed as a result of physical injuries suffered at work don’t hesitate to contact the Bainbridge Firm so that we may help you obtain compensation. We want to do everything we can to help you obtain all the compensation you deserve.

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