What happens if my Employer doesn’t pay workers’ compensation premiums in Ohio?

by Kara Dolan-West | Apr 07, 2020 | Hearing Process

Even if your employer fails to property pay workers’ compensation premiums while doing business in the State of Ohio, and you are injured in the State of Ohio, you will still be covered by the Ohio Workers’ Compensation system.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation maintains a fund known as the Surplus Fund. If you are injured, and your Employer has no workers’ compensation coverage, the Ohio BWC Surplus Fund will take over your medical coverage and monetary payments. Those expenses are then charged back to your Employer. The Injured Worker is never left without coverage simply because an Employer failed to pay what was due to the insurance system.

In fact, it is against the law for Employers to operate in the State of Ohio without workers’ compensation coverage. Most recently the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announced Friday, February 21st, that an employer – owner of American Construction Group Ltd., pleaded guilty February 11th in Summit County, to a second-degree misdemeanor of obstructing official business after failing to work with the BWC to reinstate a delinquent workers’ compensation policy.

A judge sentenced the employer to credit for time served in jail and to follow the payment agreement he made with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to reinstate his policy. The Employer owes the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation more than $360,000 in past premiums and penalties.

If your Employer is in default on premiums and you are concerned about
your workers’ compensation claim, an experienced attorney at The Bainbridge Firm may be able to help.



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