What if my injury prevents me from returning to work forever?

by Lauren Osgood | Apr 02, 2020 | Hearing Process

There are injuries that will prevent someone from returning to work forever. In Ohio, it is required that an injured worker not only be unable to return to their former job but that they are unable to return to any type of sustained remunerative employment.

What are the considerations for permanent and total disability? 

In order to be considered for permanent and total disability, an injured worker must first complete an application with the Industrial Commission. As part of this application, a doctor must support that you cannot return to any type of employment due to the allowed conditions in your claims. The Industrial Commission will consider all of your claims, should have you have more than one, in determining whether you have reached permanent and total disability. 

Once an application is filed the Industrial Commission will schedule you with a doctor to get an opinion regarding permanent and total disability. You may have to see several doctors depending on the type of injuries you sustained. Once the Industrial Commission has all of their doctor’s reports in, the next step will be to determine whether vocational evidence is necessary. Should you want to provide vocational support for permanent total disability there are certain deadlines that must be met. Ultimately a hearing officer will be asked to determine whether they believe you are permanently and totally disabled.

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