What is a Permanent Partial award for Injured Workers in Ohio?

by Lauren Osgood | Sep 22, 2020 | Permanent Partial Disability Compensation

A permanent partial award is a form of compensation that an injured worker is entitled to as a result of their injury. This award is designed to compensate injured workers who have ongoing pain and issues a result of their injury. This award does not necessarily mean that you are unable to work, but rather it means that there is impairment because of the injury.

An injured worker is entitled to a permanent partial award 26 weeks after last receiving certain benefits. An application must be filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to get the process started. This will trigger the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to schedule an examination with a doctor. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will attempt to schedule an injured worker close to their house and take into consideration their schedule.

Once the examination is done the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will put out an order indicating what percentage the doctor found. The percentage is converted to a number of weeks to determine what the cash award will be. For example, a 2% award would equal 4 weeks of pay. The award is paid based upon the year of injury. Both the injured worker and the employer have the right to appeal any award made and obtain their own examination to present to a hearing officer.

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