Social Security Disability Lawyers Columbus

Gathering Medical Evidence To Support Your Claim

gathering medical evidenceWhen injuries or disabilities leave people unable to work, many worry about how they will pay their daily bills and support their families. At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, our attorneys help clients gather the medical evidence that proves they are entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Together, we will help pursue the SSD benefits you need to pay for medical treatment, make up for lost wages and keep up with the daily costs of living.

Disability Eligibility: Prove Your Right To SSD Benefits Through Medical Evidence

A primary reason applications for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are denied is due to insufficient medical evidence. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not convinced your disability exists, it will not approve your claim for benefits. The most effective way to prove your disability is through medical evidence.

Unlike other law firms, we don’t rely on our clients to supply evidence of their disability. Our attorneys work closely with our clients and their physicians to gather the medical evidence needed to build strong cases that prove our clients’ physical disabilities and mental or emotional conditions entitle them to SSD benefits.

After we have thoroughly collected medical evidence, we will arrange and present the evidence in a compelling manner that shows the SSA your disability prevents you from working and are in need of benefits. Your full medical history includes the following documentation:

  • Lists of medications
  • Physical examination records
  • Physiatrist examination records
  • Records of hospitalizations
  • Emergency room visits
  • Opinions from treating physicians
  • X-ray, MRI, EKG, CAT scan and other advanced imaging records

Hire Local Attorneys Who Know How To Build A Strong Claim For Benefits

Over the past 50 years, our firm has built a strong reputation with local SSA staff, administrative law judges and health care providers. We know how the Ohio SSD system works and what it takes to prove our clients’ disabilities entitle them to SSD benefits.

Contact The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, by calling 800-762-1612. You can also reach us online. From our offices in Columbus, Marion, Portsmouth and Ironton, we work with clients throughout the state.