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Supplemental Security Income: Helping You Get The Benefits You Need

supplemental security incomeThe Bainbridge Firm, LLC, helps clients with Supplemental Security Income (SSI) issues and other injured worker legal needs. Today, we continue our proud 50-year history by assisting clients throughout central and southern Ohio from our offices located in Columbus, Ironton, Marion and Portsmouth.

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When blindness, severe and permanent mental and physical disorders, or debilitating illness or injury prevents an individual from earning an income, SSI benefits can be used to provide for basic life needs, including food, shelter and clothing. SSI is not a benefit that derives from the Social Security program — which means individuals who have never had a job or income also qualify for SSI benefits.

Disabled individuals who are unable to work can be eligible for SSI, but approval can be a challenge. In fact, the U.S. government has stringent safeguards in place to protect the program from false claims. Our seasoned attorneys are skilled at dealing with the intricacies of SSI from initial applications and hearings through the appeal process. We use a personal yet highly professional approach to resolve the complicated requirements of an SSI claim. From the start, we offer an honest assessment of each SSI case and identify sound legal options.

Similar to SSD benefits, strict standards for the classification of disability apply to SSI claims with income limits, medical conditions, impairment listings and ability to work among the factors considered. We help clients navigate through the process involved with an SSI claim and always strive to obtain the maximum benefits for a client.

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