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Pursuing Permanent Partial Disability Benefits After A Workplace Accident

permanent total disabilitySometimes, serious work injuries leave workers permanently disabled and unable to perform their jobs. No work means no paycheck. In addition to the lost wages, many people with permanent disabilities require lifelong medical care and treatment.

If your injuries have left you with no way to earn a living, you may be worried about how to support yourself and your family. Under Ohio’s workers’ comp system, you are entitled to Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefits. Our team at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC will help you get it.

Fighting For Injured Workers Throughout Ohio

PTD is available for workers whose injuries are so severe, they are no longer able to perform any type of job function. If found to be totally and completely disabled, you will receive a portion of your lost wages for life. However, proving a disability prevents you from working can be difficult.

The Industrial Commission evaluates each person as a whole by considering their age, education, training and work history along with the nature and extent of their injuries.

Our firm has a vast network of health care professionals and vocational experts who evaluate our clients’ injuries and the impact they have on their ability to obtain employment. These experts often testify on clients’ behalves during hearings in front of the Industrial Commission to help ensure clients get the lifetime PTD benefits they need to pay their bills, receive ongoing medical treatment and support their families.

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We know the law, understand how the process works and guide our clients through the workers’ compensation process more efficiently. Contact our team at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, today at 800-762-1612 or via email to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys.