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Your Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits

worker compensation disability benefitsThe attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC have been effectively resolving issues with workers’ compensation disability benefits and compensation claims for more than 50 years. Throughout the years, we have represented thousands of Ohioans from across the state in all types of workers’ compensation claims.

How Do I Get Paid From Workers’ Compensation?

Every claim for workers’ compensation disability benefits and compensation is different and requires a customized legal approach. In our commitment to client service, we use a personal touch to resolve every legal issue. We provide compassionate legal services focused on guiding clients toward the benefits they need and deserve.

Employers have the responsibility of providing a safe work environment. When they fail to meet these requirements and a workplace injury occurs, the injured worker may be eligible for disability benefits or wage loss benefits.

Understanding Lost Wage Benefits

Often, workers’ compensation claims involve issues over lost wages. A worker whose earnings decreased as a direct result of the restrictions included in a claim can be eligible for compensation.

Securing Your Disability Benefits

Our attorneys and staff also help clients recover compensation lost due to short- and long-term disabilities as a result of workplace accidents. Workers who are injured on the job and unable to return to their positions can file a claim for compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages and to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Compensation may include:

We aggressively advocate for our clients during hearing proceedings related to disability, benefits and compensation and will protect your rights. It is our goal to attain the maximum benefits possible for you under Ohio law.

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