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What should I do once I have been released with restrictions?


Once your doctor has released you back to work with restrictions there may be some question about whether your employer must offer you a job within those restrictions. At the time when your doctor releases you back to work most people are anxious to start back. However, there are a number of things to consider when the time comes. Just because your doctor is comfortable with you returning to work, if it is not a release to return to your former position of employment there is no guarantee that your employer will accommodate your restrictions.

It is important that if you receive a job offer from your employer, you respond within the time indicated in the letter. You may have questions about whether the job offer complies with your restrictions. You are certainly allowed to have your doctor review the job description to make sure your doctor is okay with you performing the job as described. If your doctor is okay with you performing the job, you must report back to the employer or face a stoppage in benefits.

If you return to work and the employer stops honoring your restrictions you should notify the employer, in writing, of your concerns with continuing to do work outside of your restrictions. You should also consult with your doctor and let them know what work you are doing outside of your restrictions. Your doctor may change your restrictions to more clearly state what you should not be doing.

If your employer cannot accommodate your restrictions you are entitled to ongoing benefits. Please give us a call if you have questions regarding restrictions and your return to work.

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