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Will an Attorney Get Me a Better Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

A legal professional who is experienced in workers’ compensation can certainly help you secure a larger settlement when it comes time to resolve your workers’ compensation claim. A thorough understanding of the workers’ compensation system will contribute to increasing your potential settlement value. This is why an Ohio workers’ compensation attorney is so vital to negotiations. 

When you are hurt on the job, your focus should be on healing and getting back to work. However, sometimes that feat is easier said than done. Often, injured workers face an uphill battle when it comes to navigating the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and all the benefits they may be entitled to under the BWC system. This is why hiring professional help is so important. 

Additionally, most injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you do not need to pay anything upfront. Any fees collected will come from monetary benefit awards under your claim or the settlement proceeds when the claim reaches resolution. 

Ultimately, if your goal is to secure the highest settlement possible while obtaining all benefits you may be entitled to under the claim, you should consult with and hire professional legal counsel like that found at The Bainbridge Firm.

Is my claim one that could settle? 

First, it is important to know any work injury may result in a settlement. Both minor and catastrophic injury claims may be ripe for settlement. An attorney who is well-versed in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation system and knows how to maximize your claim’s value can yield the highest settlement value. 

You may think you have attended your last doctor’s visit and are back to work, so what else is there to collect? If you take no further action, the Ohio workers’ compensation statute of limitations may permanently close if you do not file for benefits or negotiate a settlement while the claim is open. If you are wondering if your claim could be settled, contact The Bainbridge Firm for a free consultation and claim evaluation

The BWC offered me a settlement. How do I know if it is enough money to close my claim? 

Often clients consult an attorney because the BWC or Employer has offered a settlement. Sometimes, the offer is far below the value of the claim. A workers’ compensation attorney will be capable of reviewing your entire injury file, sifting through medical records, and spotting all the benefits and allowances you need to request to maximize the value of your claim. 

A thorough review of your claim is important so that no benefit or monetary value is left on the table. If the value being offered is too low, you must take action immediately to maintain and potentially increase the value of your claim. Hiring a legal professional ensures you are receiving every benefit available to you.

Can I negotiate my workers’ compensation settlement myself? 

Hiring an attorney to assist you with your workers’ compensation claim is usually worth your time. As noted above, because of the contingency fee, you have minimal risk in hiring an attorney with a high chance of a positive outcome. Would you perform surgery on yourself without consulting a doctor? Of course not. Consulting with and hiring a legal professional to assist with your work injury can be highly beneficial. 

While you certainly can attempt to negotiate a settlement on your own, the settlement value is generally less if you are unrepresented. Without experience, it is challenging to know if the value they offer represents the true value of your claim. Remember, the BWC and Employer are going to look out for themselves and would like to keep the payouts on settlements as low as possible. It is essential that you, too, have someone looking out for your best interests.

Hiring an attorney also means you get the benefit of having a professional who understands how the claims work, how to maximize the value of your claim, and has the expertise to execute an action on the claim that will yield you the highest settlement value. Studies show that represented clients receive settlements that are three times as much as unrepresented persons. 

If you are unrepresented, the opposing side knows that you are likely unaware of all the benefits you may be entitled to. An attorney representing the injured worker will file for additional conditions, request coverage of medical care, file for monetary benefits, and may need to file in court. These steps can increase the value of your claim and, in turn, create a better chance at a higher settlement for you. 

What can I do to obtain a larger workers’ compensation settlement? 

If your goal is to obtain compensation and benefits for your work-related injury and you struggle to decide if hiring an attorney is the right thing to do, contact The Bainbridge Firm, LLC. The workers’ compensation attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm offer free consultations and will be capable of answering your questions. This informational meeting will allow you to decide if hiring an attorney is your best option. 

The Bainbridge Firm, LLC serves the entire State of Ohio. If you were injured in the State of Ohio, we are here to help you! 


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