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Injured at work? Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys are here to help

Looking for a compensation lawyer in Ohio, but unsure of where to turn? The Bainbridge Firm offers specialized expertise in handling workplace injury legal cases. With offices based right here in Columbus and decades of accumulated experience in representing clients with work-related injuries, The Bainbridge Firm offers expert legal representation for worker’s compensation cases in Ohio.

Even a relatively minor work-related injury or illness can have a profound impact on your livelihood and well-being, with lasting consequences for both you and your family. Getting back on your feet can be as much a legal challenge as a medical one.

We understand how vitally important it is that you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you need to support your recovery. If you’ve been injured at work, our expert legal team is dedicated to supporting your cause. We can help you achieve fair financial compensation for your injuries, recognizing your lost wages, medical costs, and any additional support to which you are entitled under Ohio State law.

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The Firm’s Founder, and His Journey to Becoming One of Ohio’s Leading Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Firm founder, Andrew Bainbridge, was born and raised in Columbus. After graduating from Wittenberg University and then Toledo College of Law, Andrew focused his legal acumen on representing local clientele as a workers’ compensation attorney in Ohio.  He soon earned his reputation as a passionate defender of injured workers, deeply versed in Ohio State workers’ compensation law.

Today, with over twenty years of experience to draw from, Andrew heads up a busy law firm dedicated to helping injured workers in Ohio receive the benefits they need and deserve. Working closely with his team of six attorneys and eight legal assistants, The Bainbridge Firm offer specialized legal representation across a wide range of work injuries, including complex case types such as back and neck injuries, brain injury, and repetitive trauma injuries.

Andrew and his team take pride in their reputation for vigorous and accomplished legal representation, and for the care and compassion, they offer their growing list of clientele.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm have been at the 900 Michigan Avenue office for six years. The firm made the move from its previous German Village location when the office in the Short North was purchased.

Giving Hope to Ohio’s Injured Workers

When an unfortunate accident (TMI) caused the inability to continue my career as an educator, I was devastated. Medical bills, treatment, loss of income… found me helpless with no idea how or where to get the answers/help/support.

The Bainbridge Firm “stepped in” on my behalf to pay the hospital, secure the best doctors, and provide ongoing treatment. The worst time of my life changed from despair to hope. The amazing professionals at The Bainbridge Firm are my heroes.” -Cynthia Gillum

In the aftermath of a serious workplace injury, the thought of having to fight a complicated legal battle often feels overwhelming. As a highly experienced workers’ compensation practice, the Bainbridge Firm can give hope to clients facing complex and demanding cases, including negotiating lump-sum awards, securing full compensation for lost wages, and securing permanent partial disability benefits after a severe workplace accident.

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If you’re looking for a workers’ compensation disability lawyer, The Bainbridge Firm can help you navigate the exacting legal requirements of Ohio’s worker’s compensation process. We’re committed to giving you the best possible compensation for wage loss, vocational rehabilitation, and disability support. Above all, we’ll work to help you secure the restitution you need for your recovery and your journey back to a productive, working life.

From navigating the legal system around workers’ compensation claims to social security and disability claims, the skilled attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm can help you secure the compensation to which you’re entitled.

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