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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

Those looking for a workers’ compensation attorney near me in the Columbus, Ohio, area have found an experienced and dedicated team with The Bainbridge Firm. The firm’s Columbus office is home to six attorneys and eight legal assistants who offer over 50 years of experience in dealing with workers’ compensation. While the situation preceding the need for their services may be unfortunate, moving forward with the workers’ compensation lawyers in the Columbus branch of The Bainbridge Firm allows clients to rest assured that their needs when it comes to workers’ comp, disability, Social Security, and veteran’s law are being expertly met.


The Bainbridge Firm’s Roots in Columbus

Firm founder Andrew Bainbridge, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Columbus and the surrounding areas, was born and raised in Columbus. He graduated from Worthington High School, Wittenberg University in Springfield, and Toledo College of Law. Andrew spends most days and nights working with injured workers to help them receive the benefits they deserve. He staffs all of his firm’s locations with attorneys and legal assistants who will support clients with care and compassion.

The workers’ compensation attorneys in Columbus at The Bainbridge Firm have been at the 900 Michigan Avenue office for six years. The firm made the move from its previous German Village location when the office in the Short North was purchased. As a workers’ compensation practice, the firm can help with a variety of needs including reimbursement of medical bills from work-related injuries, payment of lost wages due to work-related injuries, and other benefits involving injuries related to the workplace. The Bainbridge Firm is dedicated to filling these needs as workers’ compensation attorneys in the Columbus area.


Testimonial to The Bainbridge Firm’s Positive Impact

When an unfortunate accident (TMI) caused the inability to continue my career as an educator, I was devastated. Medical bills, treatment, loss of income… found me helpless with no idea how or where to get the answers/help/support.

The Bainbridge Firm “stepped in” on my behalf to pay the hospital, secure the best doctors, and provide ongoing treatment. The worst time of my life changed from despair to hope. The amazing professionals at The Bainbridge Firm are my heroes.” -Cynthia Gillum


If you’re looking to fill the need for a workers’ compensation lawyer near me in the Columbus area, rest assured that the expertise and compassion from the team at The Bainbridge Firm is the right choice for help with navigating the worker’s compensation process and seeking needed restitution.