"I wanted to take a little time to say an extra special Thank You! for all of the excellent representation over these past several years.
I haven't had much contact with Tina lately, but she was my go-to for all of my questions, especially early on and she never seemed to get tired of me. So, thank you, Tina. I appreciate you and your patience.
Thanks also to Lauren for your excellent negotiating skills, for walking me through the hearing process, answering my questions, and for keeping me in the loop with what to expect next. I'm sure we did better with you on the case. So, thank you, Lauren. I appreciate you.
Thank you, Jacob, for all you did to better our case. You were a little more "behind the scenes" from my perspective, so I don't know all that you did, but you answered plenty more of my questions and were always professional and courteous. I forgive you for calling me Mr. Goble so much. :) So, thank you, Jacob. I appreciate you.
I would have no problems recommending the Bainbridge Firm to friends, family, and acquaintances even with the standard fee for court cases. So, this is just icing on the cake, really, and I appreciate it, big time. Thank you Bainbridge Firm,"

- Donovan Goble

"As always, thank you for your assistance with my Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBWC) case, Andrew. The members of your very talented law firm have guided me on an amazing journey. Your ability to organize and present the facts of my OBWC case have resulted in more supportive, favorable OBWC rulings than I could have ever imagined. Our OBWC successes have provided me with the opportunity to recover my health and to achieve the best possible long-term health care outcomes. Please know I will always be truly grateful."

- Dr. Dale Hilty

"The Bainbridge Firm is handling my workers’ compensation claim. Everything has been excellent! They have gotten me a wage allowance that would not have been easily approved without them. All the staff that worked with me were great! They even personally delivered a check to my home when I was unable to drive myself. I’m excited that the firm will also be representing me on my Social Security claim as well. On a scale of 1-10, I rate the Bainbridge Firm a 10 and would recommend them to anybody that needs help."

- James C.

“The Bainbridge Firm has been representing me since the beginning of my claim and I have always been happy with the way they treat me. Whenever I get paperwork regarding my claim I can call the local Portsmouth office and they are always willing to review it with me and make sure that I completely understand what it means and where things stand with my claim. The Bainbridge Firm has always made sure I get what I deserve. They are my rock when it comes to this workers’ compensation claim.”

- Mark M.

“I would just like to thank everybody at the Bainbridge Firm in the Portsmouth office for all of your help. Your firm has helped me so much throughout the years.”

- C. Copas

“The attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm were great to work with! I often call with questions and everyone is very informative and easily accessible. I would recommend The Bainbridge Firm to colleagues, family and friends any day!”

- Mark H.

“You have been there whenever I have needed information or just for moral support. Your staff is exceptional. I have recommended your firm to several people. Schreena is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

- Valerie G.

“Always been helpful and professional with legal issues in my claim. Established my benefits. They have been excellent attorneys. Very happy to have this firm represent me.”

- Manuel P.

“You helped my husband get his Social Security payments after he was denied. Any time I have a question you give us all the information quickly and any time I need help you quickly get to us and help. Thanks for everything you have done.”

- Frances P.

“Thank you, thank you for everything. From taking all my phone calls to just everything. I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I truly appreciate how helpful you have been in getting my benefits reinstated.”

- Shad H.

“I feel I received justice in my case against Walmart. The service has been great. I have been kept informed throughout the whole process. Your people are fantastic! Your serves and attention to my case have been above and beyond. Your staff is so professional. I always felt you worked in my best interests.”

- Gerlad D.

“We hired The Bainbridge Firm to help us with my husband’s BWC case. We had been told there was a slim chance of winning but we felt we needed to take the chance. The attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm spent a great deal of time researching the circumstances of his condition. They were extremely prepared at the hearing and, as a result, he was awarded permanent disability. We have been extremely pleased with The Bainbridge Firm and would recommend them to anyone.”

- Joan and Stewart D.

“I had three workers’ comp claims and The Bainbridge Firm helped me settle all three, and my disability Social Security. I couldn’t have asked for better service. They stayed right on top of everything. I would highly recommend The Bainbridge Firm to my family and friends. I have made some great friends while working with The Bainbridge Firm. The people were nice and made you feel like a friend as well as a client.”

- Patty D.

“Thank you for everything that you have done to help Dana get through the last several months. We are so grateful!”

- Cheryl A.

“When I got injured at work I contemplated whether or not I needed an attorney to represent me. I know that I was injured at my workplace, and figured that it would be no problem to get the treatment that I needed immediately and I would be back to work. But that did not happen, as soon as my claim was denied I knew I needed an attorney. I know from their reputation that The Bainbridge Firm was what I was going to contact. They took charge of my claim and ran with it.

Without them I would not have been able to get the treatment or financial help that I have received. I am thankful for the professionalism and kind encouragement that I received from everyone at the firm. I have total faith in the process all due to Mr. Bainbridge and the other attorneys there.”

- Andrea K.

"I have been with the Bainbridge Firm for six years. They represent me for Workers’ Comp and Social Security and I literally have no complaints. Anything I needed has been done and information is always provided in a way that I can understand. All the employees work together to make sure I am taken care of. If I leave a message with the receptionist, she makes sure the appropriate person receives it and they always call back. On a scale of 1-10, I rate them 100! I am way more than pleased and satisfied with everything. Thank you!"

- Brian F.

"This letter is to thank your firm for the representation that was above and beyond what we expected to receive. They were extremely professional, comforting, and always kept us informed during the entire appeal process. It was apparent to our family that they cared about the outcome almost as much as we did. Their style and technique of representation was impeccable, classy and they executed every step to the very end. We wanted to express our gratitude for their efforts and medication for our daughter, Lisa M. They took the extra time to work with Lisa and were so patient and understanding." (Read more)

- Lisa, Randy and Debbie

“The Bainbridge Law Firm has represented me since 2014 with my BWC claim. They got my claim approved and without them this would have been impossible. The Attorneys got me money back from a previous claim that I didn’t even know I was entitled to. Debbie at the Ironton office is heaven sent, she’s really on top of things and she’s always eager to help with anything that is needed. I would highly recommend them if you need a good attorney to represent you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me.”

- Carl

“I was referred to The Bainbridge Firm when I was injured on the job. I had no idea what I was walking into when I started the workers’ compensation process. I was very satisfied with how The Bainbridge Firm handled my claim. The attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm were wonderful. The Attorney was very accessible and always answered every question that I asked. When you get hurt at work that is devastating enough, but when you are attempting to recover it can be even worse. Working with The Bainbridge Firm has made this entire process easier to bear.”

- Robert J.

“I chose The Bainbridge Firm to assist me with my workers’ compensation claim after I met with the Attorney. He was so supportive and it was clear that he cared about me as a person, not just as a claim number. I did not know what to expect when I started the workers’ compensation process, but my fears subsided after working with The Bainbridge Firm. The Portsmouth office is excellent! No matter what, they answer every question I have and are always willing to explain aspects of the process that can be confusing. All of the support I have received from The Bainbridge Firm has calmed my stress level and I thank everyone there for the level of respect they have shown me. They really are top-notch!”

- Lillian H.

“By getting my BWC claim and managing all of my bills – and getting benefits I didn’t know I had coming. Schreena is invaluable, she went above and beyond helping me.”

- Jeff D.

“You helped me get the benefits I deserve. Thanks for your help for the last 10 years.”

- Carl C.

“You have helped me in every way possible! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am right now. You have pushed and gotten me everything we have asked for and needed. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. I know you all have worked hard to get me my treatment and what was owed to me. I was to thank Schreena for her help and also any questions I had she had an answer or got me one. She was always very nice and helpful. Thank you!”

- William B.

“You won my case for me. All of your guys and ladies are great, like family.”

- Melinda P.

“Your firm has helped me to receive my back temporary total disability (TTD). Now the firm is in the process of trying to settle with my employer for a lump sum payment. Heather Tucker has done her best to get the answers to our questions as soon as possible. I would highly recommend you. Your firm came as a recommendation from my neighbor.”

- Ralph C.

“My experience with The Bainbridge Firm has, unquestionably, made my injury/legal issues very easy to deal with. Every time I have a question and/or hearing, The Bainbridge Firm is there for me. They are always friendly and courteous. Their expert service gives me the confidence to know that I will get the results I desire. I have yet to ask a question or present a problem where they didn’t have the correct answer and/or solution. I am truly grateful to all the people at the firm. They make what could be an overwhelming situation just another day for me. I continually recommend The Bainbridge Firm to anyone and everyone who will listen.”

- Donald K.

“They have helped with not only my BWC, but with doctors and billing concerns.”

- Joseph J.

“The judge ruled in Dana’s favor at the hearing! We are so relieved! Thank you for helping us with this over the last few months, we are very grateful!”

- Cheryl A.

“I would like to thank The Bainbridge Firm for helping me with my BWC claims. Your Ironton office has been very helpful in getting me in with the doctor’s office and answering any questions I have had about my claims. The Attorneys have made my experience with the BWC less painful and I would refer anyone to The Bainbridge Firm who needs help.”

- Michael M.