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Workers’ Compensation

Columbus, Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Committed To Protecting Workers in Columbus and Throughout Ohio

We know how challenging it can be for injured workers to receive appropriate treatment and compensation when these benefits are needed most. Numerous legal requirements are involved in settling a workers’ compensation claim, and it can be difficult to navigate them on your own. At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we understand the Ohio workers’ compensation system and have experience handling all phases of workers’ compensation issues, including:

  • Financial compensation, including lost wages, temporary and permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and lump-sum awards
  • Medical benefits
  • Settling a case
  • Appeals

If you are injured while working, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation provides payment to employees to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses experienced from the injury. Employees have certain rights in Ohio workers’ compensation cases. For assistance in filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact the Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bainbridge Firm.

Protecting Workers in Columbus and Throughout Ohio

Columbus Amputation Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Committed To Protecting Ohio Workers

If you work in manufacturing, in construction or on an assembly line or perform other types of manual labor, a lost finger, hand or another body part may leave you without a way to earn a living. At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we help injured workers throughout central and southern Ohio get the workers’ compensation they need to support themselves and their families after a work-related amputation.

Workers’ Comp Benefits For Amputations

If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to two things: medical benefits and financial compensation.

Our Columbus work injury attorneys and staff work closely with our clients and the Managed Care Organization (MCO) to help ensure the MCO or insurance company approves the medical treatments, surgeries, medication and therapies our clients need to heal. Our attorneys also work with clients to ensure the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) pays them financial compensation for their lost wages, loss of future earning capacity and loss of bodily ability. Types of financial compensation include:

  • Lost wages
  • Temporary total disability while you are healing
  • Permanent partial disability to make up for the pain, suffering and permanent loss caused by your amputation.

The Ohio workers’ compensation process is complex, and many injured workers find it difficult to navigate the system on their own. At our firm, we help our clients during every stage of their claim. From the initial filing to hearings in front of the Ohio Industrial Commission and any necessary appeals to state court, we will stand by your side and protect your rights.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone; We’re Here To Help

If a manufacturing accident or other type of workplace injury left you with a finger injury so severe as to require amputation, you are entitled to compensation under state workers’ comp laws. Contact us at 800-762-1612 to speak with our experienced Columbus amputation injury lawyers during a free evaluation. You can also reach us via email.

Back And Neck Injuries Attorneys in Columbus

Securing Workers’ Comp Benefits For Back And Neck Injuries

When workplace accidents occur, many laborers find themselves with back and neck injuries that force them off the job, leave them without a paycheck and without a way to earn a living.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, our team of attorneys and staff help injured workers in Columbus and throughout southern and central Ohio get the workers’ compensation benefits they need to pay for medical treatment, make up for lost wages and continue supporting their families.

Did You Get A Back Injury From Work? We Can Help

Manual labor jobs, health care positions that require lifting and moving patients and manufacturing jobs often result in injuries to the neck and back, including:

  • Bulging disks, slipped disks and herniated disks
  • Nerve root impingement
  • Facet joint disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cervical injuries
  • Lumbar injuries

If you injured your neck or your back on the job, doing any type of manual labor may be impossible. When you can’t work, you don’t get paid.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we understand the financial impact a work injury can have on your life. We will work hard to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you need to make up for your lost wages and provide for your family.

The Bainbridge Firm, LLC: We’re Here To Protect Your Rights

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, our doors are always open. As a local firm with local roots, we understand the importance of meeting with your Columbus workers comp lawyer to discuss your case face-to-face. Together, we will get you the workers’ comp benefits you need to pay your bills and treat your injuries.

Contact our law firm today at 800-762-1612 to schedule a free consultation. We have multiple locations conveniently located throughout the Columbus metro area.

Columbus Workplace Accident Attorneys

Don’t Take Chances With Your Health; Work With Our Firm After Suffering A Head Or Brain Injury

Nearly any accident — no matter how minor or serious — can cause injury to the head and brain. When severe, brain injuries can leave their victims incapacitated, permanently unable to work and in need of lifelong medical care. Brain injuries can also cause irritability, anger, depression and personality changes that strain family relationships.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we understand that no amount of money can reverse the effects of a traumatic brain injury. However, workers’ comp benefits can pay for the medical bills caused by a head or brain injury and help make up for lost wages and loss of future earnings.

Why Local Legal Representation Matters

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we are devoted to helping local workers get the workers’ comp benefits they need after a head or brain injury takes them off the job.

For more than 50 years, we have been helping people in Columbus navigate the workers’ compensation system. We know the administrative law judges, the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) personnel, and we understand how the system works.

Together, we will get you the medical benefits and lost wages you need to make ends meet.

Common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury or concussion

  • Confusion and short-term memory loss
  • Light sensitivity
  • Severe headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, We’re Here To Make A Difference

Contact The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, to speak with one of our experienced workplace injury lawyer Columbus OH in a free, confidential consultation. We have offices conveniently located in Columbus, Portsmouth, Ironton and Marion. Call us at 800-762-1612 or contact us online.

Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Repetitive Trauma Injuries And Securing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Working on an assembly line, at a computer or any other job that requires repeated movements can result in repetitive trauma injuries. These injuries are often painful and difficult to treat. Many people are forced to take time off from work while treating their injuries. Missed shifts mean missed paychecks and often place entire families under financial strain.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we help injured workers in Columbus and throughout Ohio get the workers’ comp benefits they need to make up for lost wages, pay for medical treatment and put food on the table.

Repeated Movement Injuries: Preventing You From Earning A Living

When workers perform the same motion over and over for months, or even years, the nerves, muscles and connective tissues are often damaged. Over time, repetitive movements can cause extreme wear and tear, resulting in serious physical injuries that make it impossible for workers to perform their job duties.

Common repetitive trauma injuries include:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Torn rotator cuffs
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Elbow injuries

A Local Firm Looking Out For Local Workers in Columbus And Beyond

Large, national law firms are often concerned with one thing: their bottom line. Their attorneys fly into town for hearings and leave as soon as they are done. Clients rarely get the opportunity to work with the lawyer who is handling their case.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we are a local firm with local roots. Our door is always open and our attorneys are always available to meet, face-to-face, to discuss your case. Our only goal is maximizing your workers’ compensation benefits.

Contact us today at 800-762-1612 or online to schedule your free consultation. Together, we will get you the workers’ compensation benefits you need to pay your bills and support your family.

Columbus Workers’ Comp Claim Settlements

Helping You Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Injured workers have relied on the experienced representation offered by The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, for more than 50 years. Our attorneys and staff strive to maximize the claim amount for every client. From our offices located in Columbus, Portsmouth, Ironton and Marion, we help clients resolve issues involved with workers’ compensation benefits across Ohio.

Don’t Settle Without Talking To An Attorney

If you have questions about a workers’ compensation claim, contact us at your earliest possible convenience. It is imperative to take action on these matters in a timely manner. Any appeal for the denial of a workers’ compensation claim has a strict time limit.

We understand the compromising position an injured worker endures when seeking to settle a claim. A full entitlement of benefits may not be included in the offer. This can be true for offers that are uncontested by employers.

With years of experience, we know that the original offer by the state can often be changed by a carefully presented legal response. It is our goal to provide quality representation and resolve workers’ compensation claims in a manner that upholds your best interests. We know that your future depends on the outcome of this issue, and we will do everything possible to help maximize the amount of your claim.

Some injuries can be eligible for third-party claims that go beyond what is allocated in the workers’ compensation system for medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages and disability. Typically, third-party claims result from defective tools or equipment, negligence caused by a contractor or subcontractor, or an accident caused by another individual.

Injured On The Job? Let Us Protect Your Interests.

Contact us at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, and speak with a lawyer about settling your workers’ compensation claim. Please call 800-762-1612 or complete our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Columbus Lost Wages Lawyers

Securing Compensation For Your Lost Wages After A Workplace Accident

When workplace accidents occur and workers are injured, many are forced to miss work while treating their injuries. Lost wages and large medical bills can make it difficult to make ends meet.

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we can help you understand your rights, help pursue compensation and benefits, and see that you are well-protected moving forward.

Reimbursement For Lost Wages Through Workers’ Comp

In Ohio, the amount of money you receive in compensation for lost wages is based on your average weekly wage (AWW) and full weekly wage (FWW). It is important to consult with experienced workers’ comp attorneys to maximize the benefits you receive.

Injuries often leave workers with permanent, lasting physical effects that make it difficult to return to their former employment — especially manual labor jobs — prevent them from working full workweeks or performing certain job duties, and leave them with reduced wages.

Ohio offers three types of lost wage benefits:

  • Working wage loss (WWL): When injured workers return to their employment but have reduced hours or physical restrictions due to their injuries, their wages may be reduced. WWL compensates workers for the reduction in their wages.
  • Nonworking wage loss (NWWL): If a worker is medically approved to work with restrictions but unable to find employment, NWWL will compensate the worker for wage loss.
  • Living maintenance wage loss (LMWL): If, after completing a rehabilitation program, the worker returns to work but the injuries continue to cause a reduction in wages, LMWL will reimburse the worker for the reduction.

The Bainbridge Firm, LLC: A Local Firm With Local Connections

We have been serving clients in Marion County and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years. Our Columbus OH work injury lawyers know how to work with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) personnel, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) attorneys and administrative law judges. It’s this wealth of local knowledge that proves invaluable when guiding clients through the workers’ comp system.

Reach out to us for help securing your workers’ comp benefits as quickly as possible. Call 800-762-1612 for a free, confidential consultation with our Columbus workplace injury attorneys at our Columbus law office. You can also reach us online.

Lump-Sum Awards Attorneys in Columbus

Lump-Sum Awards

If you were injured in a workplace accident, you are entitled to compensation under Ohio’s workers’ compensation laws. At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, our Columbus work injury attorneys help clients maximize their workers’ comp benefits and obtain the compensation they need to keep up with the daily costs of living and continue supporting their families.

Helping You Secure A Work Injury Settlement

Worksite accidents and injuries often force workers off the job. Missed shifts mean no more paychecks. A work injury should not make it hard to pay your bills.

We help our clients get workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs of medical care and make up for lost wages. Our lawyers also help clients negotiate settlements with their employers that provide them with lump-sum awards for their injuries.

Compensation For Continuing Pain And Suffering

Injured workers are often left with lasting physical pain. We know no amount of money will make you whole or take away your pain. However, financial compensation can help ease the financial burden caused by lost wages, reduced earning capacity and ongoing medical treatment.

A Local Law Firm Fighting For You

For more than 50 years, our firm has been helping clients get workers’ compensation for their injuries. Our Ohio workers comp attorneys understand how the local Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) works and know how to navigate the system without getting caught up in red tape. We are dedicated to helping local workers get workers’ comp benefits when workplace injuries force them off the job.

Contact the team of Workers comp attorney Columbus Ohio at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, by calling 800-762-1612 to schedule a free consultation at our Columbus law office. You can also reach us by completing our contact form.

Columbus Permanent Partial Disability Attorneys

Pursuing Permanent Partial Disability Benefits After A Workplace Accident

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we have been serving Columbus workers for more than 50 years. We know the law, have good working relationships with local Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) personnel, and understand how Ohio’s workers’ compensation system works.

We understand the huge financial strain caused when on-the-job injuries prevent our clients from working or reduce their ability to earn a living. Clients turn to our firm when they need attentive attorneys who are dedicated to getting them the Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits they are entitled to under Ohio workers’ compensation laws.

Local Representation For Columbus Workers - Serving All Of Ohio

Many workplace injuries never fully heal. Workers often feel the residual effects of an injury for years to come. Furthermore, many people find themselves unable to perform the daily activities they once enjoyed. For example, injured workers are often left unable to play sports, run, squat or walk up or down stairs. In these cases, PPD benefits may be available.

PPD is available when employees suffer workplace accidents or injuries that leave them with continued pain and suffering even after reaching their maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI is the term used by physicians when individuals have recovered as much as could be expected. While many individuals return to work, they still experience lingering pain from their injuries. In many cases, the pain and discomfort make it difficult or impossible to perform their job duties, which results in shorter workweeks, job changes and less pay.

If your injury left you with permanent pain and suffering — such as ongoing back and neck pain, knee or joint pain, or caused arthritis — you may be entitled to PPD and a lump-sum award. The amount of your PPD benefit is based on the percentage of your body that is impaired due to the injury and the impact that impairment has on your life. The greater your impairment, the more the compensation you are likely to receive.

Contact Us And Learn

Call 800-762-1612 or reach us via email and speak with our team of experienced workers compensation attorneys in Columbus Ohio about your case during a free evaluation. Our office is located in Columbus and we work with workers throughout Ohio.

Permanent Total Disability Lawyers In Columbus

Pursuing Permanent Partial Disability Benefits After A Workplace Accident

Sometimes, serious work injuries leave workers permanently disabled and unable to perform their jobs. No work means no paycheck. In addition to the lost wages, many people with permanent disabilities require lifelong medical care and treatment.

If your injuries have left you with no way to earn a living, you may be worried about how to support yourself and your family. Under Ohio’s workers’ comp system, you are entitled to Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefits. Our team at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC will help you get it.

Fighting For Injured Workers In Columbus & Throughout Ohio

PTD is available for workers whose injuries are so severe, they are no longer able to perform any type of job function. If found to be totally and completely disabled, you will receive a portion of your lost wages for life. However, proving a disability prevents you from working can be difficult.

The Industrial Commission evaluates each person as a whole by considering their age, education, training and work history along with the nature and extent of their injuries.

Our firm has a vast network of health care professionals and vocational experts who evaluate our clients’ injuries and the impact they have on their ability to obtain employment. These experts often testify on clients’ behalves during hearings in front of the Industrial Commission to help ensure clients get the lifetime PTD benefits they need to pay their bills, receive ongoing medical treatment and support their families.

Get Your Benefits As Quickly As Possible

We know the law, understand how the process works and guide our clients through the workers’ compensation process more efficiently. Contact our team at The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, today at 800-762-1612 or via email to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys.

Temporary Total Disability Lawyers In Columbus

Workers’ Compensation Services Committed To Protecting Ohio Workers

At The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, we know how challenging it can be for injured workers to receive appropriate treatment and compensation when these benefits are needed most. Numerous legal requirements are involved in settling a workers’ compensation claim. We understand the Ohio workers’ compensation system and have experience handling all phases of workers’ compensation issues, including:

  • Financial compensation, including lost wages, temporary and permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and lump-sum awards
  • Medical benefits
  • Settling a case
  • Workers’ compensation appeals

Involving a knowledgeable attorney from the outset can improve your chances of quickly and effectively resolving your claim. Our Columbus OH, workers’ compensation attorneys can take care of the details and provide insightful guidance about the process so you can continue with your life.

Our dedication to proficient, personalized client service goes beyond the original settlement of a workers’ compensation claim. We recognize that some workplace accidents result in injuries that are chronic. It is always our goal to seek maximum benefits for a client and form an ongoing professional-client relationship during the process.

We place a high value on our capacity to resolve workers’ compensation issues for a range of injuries that result from a variety of workplaces across Ohio.

Learn How We Can Help Pursue Compensation For Your Work Injuries

To discuss a workers’ compensation issue with one of our Ohio workers comp lawyers, reach out to us and schedule a free consultation at our Columbus, Marion, Portsmouth or Ironton law offices. Please call 800-762-1612 or send an email. We value your inquiry and will respond to you promptly.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

How do I file a claim?

An injured worker or their attorney, employers and medical providers can file a claim by manually completing the First Report of Injury (FROI) form and file it with any BWC office. A claim can also be filed online at the BWC’s Website.

What is an injury?

An injury whether caused by external or accidental means or accidental in character and result received in the course of and arising out of employee’s employment.

What is an occupational disease?

An occupational disease is a disease that is peculiar to a particular industrial process to which an employee is not generally subjected or exposed to. It has to be contracted in the course of employment. These types of conditions are usually contracted in the course of employment and contracted over a period of time. Examples: asbestosis.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Two years from the date of injury or death, unless it is an occupational disease.

Is there a limit for filing an occupational disease claim?

Yes. Either two years after the disability due to the disease began, six months after the date of diagnosis of the disease by a physician, or two years from death due to the disease. The date of disability due to an occupational disease begins on the most recent of the following dates:

  1. When you first become aware of the disease through a medical diagnosis
  2. When you are first treated for the disease
  3. When you first quit work due to the disease

Will I be paid benefits for the complete period I am off work?

You are eligible for temporary total disability benefits if you lose more than seven days of work due to your injury. Benefits begin on the eighth day unless you are off for 14 consecutive days – then the first seven days are payable.

How is my weekly rate of pay determined?

The first 12 weeks of disability are based upon your full weekly wage. The full weekly wage is determined by taking an average of your earnings for the six weeks prior to your injury or the earnings for the week prior to your injury, less overtime. The higher of these two figures is your full weekly wage. Your weekly rate of pay is determined by taking 72% of your full weekly wage. The rate of payment after the first 12 weeks of disability is based upon your average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is determined based upon an average of the earnings for the entire year prior to your injury. The rate of pay is determined by taking 66.66% of your average weekly wage. Please note that there are minimum and maximum rates applicable to the year you were injured.

How do my medical bills get paid?

Once your claim is allowed, the medical providers (with the exception of pharmacies) who have treated you for your injury should submit their bills for payment to your MCO. The MCO reviews the bills and then sends them electronically to the BWC, who then disburses payment to the medical providers. If you receive a bill, contact the medical provider and advise them the treatment was for a work-related injury. Give them the name and address of your MCO and ask that they send the bill there.

How do I get reimbursed for medications for which I have paid?

If the pharmacist sent the bill information to RxNet then you do not need to do anything. You will be reimbursed once your claim is allowed. If you paid cash for your prescription and the bill information was not sent to RxNet, you will need to have your pharmacist complete and submit a C-17 form.

What is the difference between an MCO and the BWC?

The BWC is the Ohio agency that is responsible for Ohio’s workers’ compensation system. The MCOs are private companies either selected by or assigned to each state-funded employer to medically manage the employer’s workers’ compensation claims. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation makes decisions regarding claim allowances and issues payment of benefits. The MCOs make treatment decisions and coordinate medical care.

Must I attend an examination scheduled by the BWC?

Yes. The BWC can suspend all activity in your claim, including the payment of compensation, if you do not attend.

Does every claim require a hearing?

No. Hearings are held only if there is a dispute between the injured worker and the employer.

How will I be notified of a hearing?

Notice will be sent to you at least 14 days prior to the date that for which the hearing has been scheduled.

How will I be notified of the hearing decision?

After the hearing, a copy of the decision of the hearing officer will be sent to all parties.

What happens to my claim if a move out of state?

Although hearings are only held on your claim in Ohio, medical and compensation benefits are paid regardless of where you live.

Can I be reimbursed lost wages as a result of attending medical examinations and hearings?

You will not be reimbursed mileage or lost wages for attending a hearing. You can, however, be reimbursed mileage for attendance at examinations scheduled by your employer or the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, or if you must travel outside the area in which you reside to attend medical appointments scheduled by your physician of record if you cannot obtain such services in the area in which you live. The only time you can be reimbursed for lost wages is for attendance at a medical examination scheduled by the employer.

What is the difference between the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and a self-Insured employer?

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation makes claim decisions and payments of claims for employers who are covered under the state fund. A self-insured employer has the authority to make initial decisions on allowance, treatment and payment of some forms of compensation and medical bills. Any disputes between parties are referred to the Industrial Commission for a hearing.

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