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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Steubenville, Ohio

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Injured at work?

A Steubenville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

An injury at work can be devastating — not just emotionally, but also for you and your family’s financial security. If you’ve experienced a serious workplace injury, it’s important that you seek legal guidance from a workers’ compensation attorney you can trust. At Bainbridge Law, our Ohio-based lawyers have unrivaled experience with Ohio injury compensation law. We have the legal acumen to help you gain the full compensation and benefits to which you’re entitled.

As a workers’ compensation practice, the firm can help with a variety of needs including reimbursement of medical bills from work-related injuries, payment of lost wages due to work-related injuries, and other benefits involving injuries related to the workplace.

We understand that your first priority after a workplace injury is to find your way back to good health and financial stability as swiftly and easily as possible. With our compassionate and motivated team of Cambridge workers’ compensation attorneys, The Bainbridge Firm can help you on that journey.

A short history of The Bainbridge Firm

If you are looking for a skilled workers’ compensation attorney in Steubenville and the surrounding areas, look no further. The attorneys at The Bainbridge Firm have spent over 30 years understanding the nuances of The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Comp and will fight for you to receive the benefits you deserve.

The Bainbridge Firm and Steubenville go back 70 years. Thomas H. Bainbridge II was born and raised in the Steubenville area and has represented thousands of injured workers from Steubenville. His son, Andrew Bainbridge, has now taken on that role with 30 years of experience as a workers’ compensation lawyer.  The Bainbridge Firm litigates cases in Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas on a regular basis, settling all claims for injured workers.

Steel millwork and other industrial work in the Steubenville area can be dangerous. The Bainbridge Firm has represented injured workers from this area for a variety of reasons; lumbar injuries, shoulder ruptures, upper extremity injuries, and injuries resulting from machines malfunction.  The Bainbridge Firm has also successfully worked with many fracking employees from this area after they suffer a work-related injury. We understand how an injury can disrupt your life which is why we will work swiftly to help get you and your family back on your feet.

The Bainbridge Firm will help with a variety of needs, including reimbursement of medical bills from work-related injuries, payment of lost wages due to work-related injuries, and other monetary benefits available to you.

Gain the best legal advice from a skilled workers’ compensation attorney in Steubenville

Dealing with an injury received while at work is a life challenge you and your family shouldn’t deal with alone. A Bainbridge Firm workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the legal complexities of Ohio compensation law, smoothing your road back to a full physical and financial recovery.

Our Practice Areas


Navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation can be daunting, especially when dealing with injuries and financial uncertainties. We specialize in guiding you through Ohio’s workers’ compensation system to ensure you receive the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Social Security

We provide expert representation in Social Security Disability Insurance claims across central and southern Ohio. Our experienced team of social security attorneys is dedicated to resolving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) issues and securing the benefits our clients need.


Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to expediting your VA benefits application and ensuring you receive the maximum entitlements. We offer comprehensive guidance through the appeal process, from filing a Notice of Disagreement to Board of Veterans Appeals submissions.


The Bainbridge Firm, LLC provides skilled legal representation for Ohio employees facing wrongful termination, discrimination, and other workplace injustices under state and federal laws. Reach out for a free consultation to protect and assert your employment rights.

Ohio's Trusted Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Local Steubenville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Local Clients

We’re proud to serve our Steubenville clientele, and our workers’ compensation attorneys have earned a great reputation for compassion, reliability, and vigorous legal representation.

For Steubenville Injured workers, you may be asked to attend a hearing in Cambridge, Ohio, at the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

Here’s what some customers had to say about The Bainbridge Firm:

“I am very pleased with everyone at the Bainbridge Firm in Cambridge Ohio. If you ever need any legal advice you won’t go wrong with the Bainbridge Firm.” – Deborah Presnell

No one wants to have to need a workers’ compensation lawyer but if you ever do, you should hire the best in service with a superior staff! This is a team you want on your side if you want to win. The people there are professional, smart and they even call you back, when you are unsure or have a question. Thank you so much for all the help. Thanks to all of you.” John Kulin

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