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Your Top Local Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Ironton

If you’re looking for a workers’ compensation attorney in Ironton, you have landed in the right place. The Bainbridge Law Firm is an experienced firm of workers’ compensation lawyers, and we are committed to helping local workers in Ironton receive the workers’ compensation, disability, and social security benefits they are entitled to. 

As a dedicated workers’ compensation practice, The Bainbridge Firm can help with a variety of needs including reimbursement of medical bills from work-related injuries, payment of lost wages due to work-related injuries, and other benefits involving injuries related to the workplace. The Bainbridge Firm is dedicated to filling these needs as workers’ compensation attorneys in the Ironton area.

Ironton, The Gateway to Southern Ohio

Nestled along the Ohio River, the lovely city of Ironton shares a border with Kentucky and is only a stone’s throw from neighboring West Virginia. This county seat for Lawrence County is referred to as “The City of Opportunity” due to its ease of access to waterways, highways, and railways. The Bainbridge Firm is proud to maintain a dedicated workers’ compensation law office in Ironton in order to provide workers’ compensation, social security, and disability assistance to local workers in the area.

A Historical Glimpse

John Campbell, a successful pig-iron manufacturer, founded Ironton in 1849. As Campbell looked to expand his business to include iron-ore, he discovered an abundance of the mineral in the hills just north of the Ohio River, making this a perfect location to settle the duly named “Ironton”. 

After spending decades as the largest producer of iron in the world, the city began to see a slowdown in the mid-1900s when coal became more popular. Ironton is renowned for its pride in patriotism. Since 1868, the city has honored their fallen heroes each Memorial Day Weekend. Ironton’s Memorial Day Parade is the longest running one in the U.S.

A Home to Great Opportunity

Those who choose to settle in Ironton and its surrounding areas are no strangers to the abundance of exceptional businesses within the city limits. Ironton houses numerous large employers including Vertiv, OU Southern Campus, GTL Lumber Company, St. Mary’s Medical Center, and Lawrence County Department of Job & Family Services.

The Bainbridge Firm, a firm of workers’ compensation attorneys in Ironton, has been honored to be a part of the community for many years and offers workers’ compensation expertise in the Ironton area. The firm, originally owned by Mark A. Collins, was founded in 1985. Collins, a District Hearing Officer with the Industrial Commission of Ohio, returned home to Ironton, Ohio, to open his law practice as a Workers’ Compensation Attorney. His position with the Industrial Commission of Ohio gave him knowledge and expertise which allowed him to return to Ironton to fight for injured workers. He continued his journey as an attorney for injured workers until his illness led him to merge with The Bainbridge Firm, LLC in October of 2009.

Andrew Bainbridge, founder of The Bainbridge Firm, LLC, serves as an advocate for injured workers throughout the State of Ohio. When one is in need, the Ironton branch of his firm answers the query for a Workers’ Compensation Attorney near me in the Ironton area. Local expertise can be found in Collins’ original office located at 119 North Fifth Street, Ironton, OH. The doors to Collins’ original firm are still open, and the experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys there still fight for injured workers. Even after Collins’ passing, his vision and journey for justice still continues through The Bainbridge Firm, LLC.

The Bainbridge Firm has expanded the practice to include Social Security and Veterans Disability Law. If you have experienced injury at work or are struggling to access your social security or veterans disability benefits, contact our caring team of attorneys and legal assistants for a free consultation today.



Spotlight on a Bainbridge Firm Local

The Bainbridge Firm holds local Ironton community member Debbie Collins in the highest regard. She is an office manager and legal assistant who has served in the Ironton office since 1985. Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and grandson. She has 35 years of experience helping injured workers navigate their claims. Her calm, kind, and knowledgeable manner is one of the many highlights found when one in need is looking for a Workers’ Compensation Attorney near me in the Ironton area.

Testimonials to The Bainbridge Firm’s Positive Impact

“I have known Debbie for many years and when I needed a workers’ comp. lawyer, she was the first person I called. Debbie is always there to take care of any problem big or small she will get right on it for you. I have been with this firm for a long time and she has always been there for me every step of the way. it’s people like Debbie that makes a great law firm like the Bainbridge firm GREAT.” – Google Review from Michael Hensley

“I appreciate the good service I get from this firm. I am always greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable person and this firm has really gone to bat for me.” – Google Review from Andrew Thomas

For those in need of a workers’ compensation attorney in the Ironton area, The Bainbridge Firm, LLC is here to help with navigating the workers’ compensation process and seeking needed restitution.

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