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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Ironton, Ohio

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Experienced a work injury in Ironton?

Our Team Of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

If you’re looking for a workers’ compensation attorney in Ironton but don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. The Bainbridge Law Firm’s team of workers’ compensation lawyers is committed to offering experienced legal support to people injured while at work. Our mission is to help injured workers earn the full extent of workers’ compensation, disability, and social security benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Here’s what sets The Bainbridge Firm from other law practices in Ohio: Our team specializes in workers’ compensation law as it applies in our state. By working with one of our Ironton workers’ compensation attorneys, you can be confident, then, that you’re benefiting not just from our extensive legal knowledge, but also from our deep familiarity with the local nuances of workers’ compensation cases in Ironton, Ohio.

Our team can help with a variety of needs, including reimbursement of medical bills from work-related injuries, payment of lost wages due to time out of work, and other entitlements specific to your injury and its ongoing treatment.

A brief history of The Bainbridge Firm

The Bainbridge Firm started in 1985 when Mark A. Collins returned to Ironton to build a law practice after many successful years as a District Hearing Officer with the Industrial Commission of Ohio. From its inception, his vision was to build a firm of experienced Ohio workers’ compensation lawyers.

The expertise Collins acquired while working with the commission uniquely equipped him to fight for Ironton’s injured workers, and he successfully advocated for many workers as a leading Ironton workers’ compensation lawyer until illness led him to merge with The Bainbridge Firm, LLC in October of 2009.

The doors to Collins’ original firm are still open, and the experienced legal team there still carries Collin’s torch to this day. Even after Collins’ passing, his vision of compensatory justice for injured local workers still continues through The Bainbridge Firm, LLC.

Our Practice Areas


Navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation can be daunting, especially when dealing with injuries and financial uncertainties. We specialize in guiding you through Ohio’s workers’ compensation system to ensure you receive the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Social Security

We provide expert representation in Social Security Disability Insurance claims across central and southern Ohio. Our experienced team of social security attorneys is dedicated to resolving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) issues and securing the benefits our clients need.


Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to expediting your VA benefits application and ensuring you receive the maximum entitlements. We offer comprehensive guidance through the appeal process, from filing a Notice of Disagreement to Board of Veterans Appeals submissions.


The Bainbridge Firm, LLC provides skilled legal representation for Ohio employees facing wrongful termination, discrimination, and other workplace injustices under state and federal laws. Reach out for a free consultation to protect and assert your employment rights.

Here are some of the services our team of workers’ compensation attorneys can provide

Back, neck, head, and brain injuries

Workplace back and neck injuries and head and brain injuries have the potential to consign an employee to years of pain, rehabilitation, and lost wages. If you’re involved in manual labor, a bulging or slipped disk, cervical injury or even spinal arthritis may put a premature end to your career, leading to significant lost wages. A traumatic brain injury may devastate not just your livelihood but your quality of life. Given the severe impact of these kinds of injuries, it’s vital that you work with an experienced Ironton workers’ compensation attorney who can build a successful case on your behalf.

Our legal team draws from the expertise of workers’ compensation disability lawyers who specialize in the lasting legacy of these kinds of injuries. We can offer you a meaningful way forward, helping you acquire the medical benefits and lost wages compensation you’ll need on your road to recovery.

Repetitive trauma injuries

Repetitive trauma injuries can happen in almost any line of work. Whether acquired from the relentless strain of toiling on a factory assembly line or from years of sitting at a desk, a repetitive trauma injury can be difficult, painful, and expensive to treat. These conditions are frequently invisible to an untrained medical eye, and for this reason, often require an exhaustively prepared paper trail of proof. At The Bainbridge Firm, our workers’ compensation attorneys understand the unique challenges you’ll face in seeking appropriate compensation for repetition-based injuries.

We understand Ohio’s legal system, and we’ve worked closely with workers from industries that are ingrained into Ironton’s history, economy, and landscape. It’s this local knowledge that an Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer needs to bring to the table to successfully handle your case.

Knowledge of Social Security and Veteran’s Disability Law

The Bainbridge Firm has expanded the practice to also include Social Security and Veteran’s Disability Law. These areas of law, we’ve found, frequently overlap with the services provided by a skilled workers’ compensation disability lawyer, so we believe it’s an important combination of services, especially for Ironton’s veterans.

While the Department of Veteran’s Affairs does its best to serve our armed forces, dealing with its bureaucracy and paperwork can be daunting, complex, and deeply frustrating. Our team of Ironton workers’ compensation attorneys understands the pitfalls you may encounter as you traverse the benefits application or appeals process. And we can smooth your path with seasoned legal guidance and compassionate support.

If you are struggling to access your social security or veterans’ disability benefits, contact our caring team of attorneys and legal assistants for a free consultation today.

Working With Local Attrorneys
Ohio's Trusted Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Spotlight on a Local Bainbridge Firm

The Bainbridge Firm holds local Ironton community member Debbie Collins in the highest regard. Since the practice’s doors opened for business in 1985, Debbie has worked tirelessly as an office manager and legal assistant. She has 35 years of experience helping injured workers navigate their claims.

Here’s what one of our local customers had to say about working with Debbie:

“I have known Debbie for many years and when I needed a workers’ comp. lawyer, she was the first person I called. Debbie is always there to take care of any problem big or small she will get right on it for you. I have been with this firm for a long time and she has always been there for me every step of the way. it’s people like Debbie that makes a great law firm like the Bainbridge firm GREAT.” – Google Review from Michael Hensley”

For those in need of a workers’ compensation attorney in the Ironton area, The Bainbridge Firm, LLC is here to help with navigating the workers’ compensation process and seeking needed restitution.

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