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severe impairment ssdThe Bainbridge Firm, LLC has a proud history of providing quality representation to clients facing severe impairment issues. Today, we continue to provide the highest standard of legal assistance to clients with disability claims throughout central and southern Ohio from our Columbus, Ironton, Portsmouth and Marion law offices.

Columbus Severe Impairment Attorneys Handling SSD Claims

A claim filed with the federal government for disability benefits has many necessary components, including the existence of a severe impairment. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a five-step threshold of requirements to calculate a disability evaluation, and the existence of a severe impairment is one of those criteria.

The SSA has a detailed definition for a severe impairment: an individual limited by a medically determinable physical or mental condition for 12 months or more that significantly limits or will limit basic work activities. The challenge is often determining the variables of a severe impairment, including an account for what constitutes a significant limitation and what basic work activities involve. Carefully documented findings from the diagnosis of a qualified doctor are a consideration for any severe impairment determination. From the start of any disability issue, it is important to gather a complete history of objective medical evidence.

Obtaining benefits from the federal government is complicated, and we know how overwhelmed people can become when facing these issues alone. Our experienced attorneys use a personalized, professional approach to resolve severe impairment issues for clients. This combined approach of legal experience and client service is beneficial for clients and helps lead to effective resolutions.

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